“Resolution” by Andy Timmons

Artist: Andy Timmons
Title: “Resolution”
Label: Favored Nations
Release Date: 5/2/2006
Genre: Progressive Rock
Rating: 4/5

Resolution is Andy Timmons first new full-length release on the Favored Nations label, where Andy holds his own in good company with other guitar virtuosos like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson. Timmons hits the mark with an instrumental album that has well written songs with memorable melody lines that make this album more than just a display of technique.

The songs have stellar guitar playing all over them. Great guitar tones and minimal yet clever use of effects, add to Timmons sonic pallet that highlight the song writing, rather than detract from it. At times sounding reminiscent of Joe Satriani, Timmons still shines through with his own voice. Resolution is different from his work with the Pop/Hard Rock group Danger, Danger, where he first broke into the popular music scene. Now backed by a super tight rhythm section, the stripped down 3 piece sound of this disk, puts the power in power trio. The opening track “Deliver Us” is a tasteful display of some great chops. I also enjoyed the combination of laid back playing and technical runs on the “Ghost Of You”. The Nashville picking inspired “Bonus Track 1” is a killer way to round out the CD. Timmons is joined on the recording by Mike Deane (bass) and Mitch Marine (drums).

While many guitar instrumental albums lack fully realized songs and wind up being a boring soulless, display of technique, with no melodic substance to back it up. Andy Timmons proves that the song is an important part of presenting killer guitar playing.

This disk is a must have for virtuoso guitar fans. Taste, tone, and technique with the result being kick ass.

Track List:
1. Deliver Us
2. Helipad
3. Ghost Of You
4. Resolution
5. Redemption
6. Lydia
7. Gone (9/11/01)
8. Move On
9. Beware Dark Days
10. The Prayer/The Answer
11. Bonus Track 1

Official Web site: www.andytimmons.com

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