Reflecting On “Friday Night Videos” 1983

I was surfing around researching something entirely different when I found myself on the Wikipedia entry for “Friday Night Videos” and when I learned that the debut episodes thirtieth anniversary was coming up, I decided to type up something in its honor and have it go live now 🙂 Such are the benefits of the queuing process.

Logo - Friday Night Videos

I’m toasting this because I didn’t have MTV for quite some time back in these bygone days and that meant the only way that I was enjoying videos was on a program like this. Thanks to the existence of “Friday Night Videos” I saw premieres of Van Halen videos, Twisted Sister videos, Def Leppard, ZZ Top and even your New Wave greats of Duran Duran and Billy Idol. Don’t laugh because those groups made some awesome videos. These little films don’t seem to be as valuable as they once were in today’s market but I had to say that I loved all the classic ones and am glad we have DVD’s of them and YouTube were some folks have converted their legacy VHS tapes. That said I should probably do that sometime since I think I have about ten tapes of classic videos. Yeah I was “that guy” but so many of my friends were as well. Read up about the program itself via its Wiki entry below. Thanks Friday Night Videos for helping keep my Metal and Rock interests on the proper path 🙂

Official Show Wiki Entry:

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