“Recon” by Ikillya

Artist: Ikillya
Title: “Recon”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 4/3/2011
Genre: Modern Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

Having heard the name Ikillya for a couple of years now and being unable to catch them performing I had to say that I was very excited to sink my teeth into their full length independent debut “Recon”. I had heard tastes of their work on some recent compilations but one can never truly gauge what a band is all about from stuff like that so it was high time to musically observe and offer up my sum total thoughts about what they deliver. “Recon” begins with an interesting horn section intro and it’s as if we are listening to an air raid warning siren of some kind. The sort of thing that is telling you to run for cover before the immanent storm or attack hits you – That attack begins with the strong “And Hell Followed With Him”, a tune that brings you into the bands vibe quick and assembles the mosh pit at the command of singer Jason Lekberg. Their sound from the first audio glance is neither Thrash nor Metalcore but instead a form of Modern Death Metal that called to mind the greatness of early In Flames, Dark Tranquility and The Haunted to my ear. This view got firmed up by “E.H.R.” and believe me it’s not shameful to wear ones musical influences on their respective sleeve when it’s this grouping of bands. Had they been influenced by Limp Bizkit or some other drech I might have felt different. The general groove of “E.H.R.” possessed me and had my head bopping and singing along with their Arsenal Chorus. Good stuff.

Guitarist Dave Kerr offers up some truly tasty guitar work in “Razorblades” which is a little slower at points and gives you a chance to breathe. Don’t worry as it kicks up the speed with some massive double kick drums and faster riffs as Lekberg proclaims how he is “living not to die”, aren’t we all Jason, aren’t we all. “Godsize” was a clear favorite of mine from the get go and you can envision the pits forming up when this one begins. I personally liked a couple of the clean vocal changes as it mixed up to some success. Fans of air-drumming or the real stuff for that matter will greatly enjoy the pounding that Jeff Gretz gives the kit at the beginning of and during “Liefesblood”. Gretz bashes out the skins on most of the release but songs #2 and #5 are performed by “Seven” while bass guitar across the board is care of Mansa Gory. From beginning to end this is an aggressive but equally satisfying release and one that I am proud to say originates from the underground Metal streets of New York City. The current state of affairs in this region have made it great to have a no nonsense Metal band rising to the surface. No fanciful tales of mythical lands here and only some righteous ass-kicking and name taking in the purest sense. I’ll leave the discovery of the rest of the albums offerings to your own ears but you can trust me that the ride does not slow down nor give you a proper chance to rest until completion. At that point you will simple hit the repeat button on your player, phone or even that stereo stuff that some of us still use. Recommended for fans of the referenced influences above and definitely for those who enjoy what Lamb Of God delivers. Ikillya has arrived and they shall lay waste to that which unwisely falls in front of them. You have the choice to help the path along further or to get out of the way unscathed. Choose wisely.

The album is available via the popular online outlets of today and I’ve placed an Amazon.com code in the narrative so you can download yours immediately. I imagine that a physical version will be available at shows but depending on your location that might not be easy to snare. My suggestion is click that link and download your legal copy straight away so you don’t get stuck and miss out on all the intense fun. Good luck Ikillya, I’m sure that we’ll catch you onstage eventually.

Track Listing:
1. At My Signal
2. And Hell Followed With Him
3. E.H.R.
4. Razorblades
5. Godsize
6. Liefesblood
7. Bombs Away
8. Escape Plan
9. Jet Fuel Genetic
10. Echoes In Eternity

Official Website: http://www.ikillya.com

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