“Rebirth Of Dissection” by Dissection

Artist: Dissection
Title: “Rebirth Of Dissection”
Label: Escapi Music
Release Date: 8/1/2006
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

Swedens Dissection was on the road to a resurgence of life in the eyes of their fans as singer Jon Nodtveidt would leave prison after a murder conviction and quickly form the band once more to continue the assault on Metal ears worldwide. The 2004 performance at a sold-out Arenan, Stockholm show would also be captured on video for those on every continent to enjoy as well. Nodtviedt preferred to call Dissection’s brand of Metal as “Anti-Cosmic Metal Of Death” rather than merely settling on Black Metal for he felt his description better captured the Satanism and concepts of Death that he held very personal in his life. While these principles are not for everyone, it made for some interesting Metal under Jon’s control. The concert performance is a great collection of Dissection staples such as “Storm Of The Lights Bane” and “Soulreaper” and for those unschooled on the group like I was; you will find them a little more musical and technical than you often find in the genre. This has changed in recent times but since this stuff goes back a few years it’s nice to see that Dissection was among the first to raise the bar of creativity in this area. There is a great ballad-esque number with “Where Dead Angels Life” as well as a cover of the band Tormentor with “Elizabeth Bathory”. The band is lined out by Set Teitan on guitars and Tomas Asklund (Dark Funeral) on drums, with Brice LeClerque (Nightrage) on bass. Visually this film brings you up close to the stage and the angles are shot in such a manner than sometimes you feel as if you are pressed up against the barriers with hundreds of Metal maniacs behind you. The stage décor is on the solemn side and the band is garbed in simple black, it is more about the music than the themes with Dissection.

Bonus features are a bit limited, but there is an interesting interview with singer Jon Nodtveidt who lines out his personal beliefs and what makes him the individual that he is. He describes his life being sentenced for his crimes and how this affected the band. There is also a video for the song “Starless Aeon”. Overall this is a good DVD to get a scope on a band that has influenced many, but not been able to bring their music to every location based on events in the member’s lives.

Editor’s Note: This review also comes with some sad information as during the week of 8/16/2006, guitarist/singer/founder Jon Nodtveidt took his own life. His work for Black Metal will live on through their CD and DVD releases. According to a statement on the bands official site, “Jon felt he had accomplished his self-created destiny”. The DVD was released shortly after the bands final tour of the US was abruptly cancelled, making this a worthy document of their impact and power.

Track List:
1. Intro: At The Fathomless Depth’s
2. Nights Blood
3. Frozen
4. Maha Kali
5. Soulreaper
6. No Dreams Bread In Breathless Sleep
7. Where Dead Angels Lie
8. Retribution: Storm Of The Lights Bane
9. Unhallowed
10. Thorns Of The Crimson Death
11. Heaven’s Damnation
12. In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere
13. Elizabeth Bathori
14. The Somberlain
15. A Land Forelorn

Official Web site: http://www.dissection.nu

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