“Rebels” by Black Veil Brides

Artist: Black Veil Brides
Title: ”Rebels” EP
Label: Universal Republic
Release Date: 12/13/2011
Genre: Melodic Metalcore/Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.75/5

The Black Veil Brides seem to continue their climb to the top thanks to the great reception we found their sophomore release “Set The World On Fire” getting and I am okay with that since the band brings the Old School into the New with their sound and presentation. I’ve probably mentioned how I have now seen the band three times as of this writing and I look forward to the fourth, fifth and sixth go round when it comes down to it. Their latest release is a bit of a treat and this “Rebels” EP brings you some new material, some covers and an extended video of one of their tunes. Here’s my take on the offering for their legions of fans. The EP opens with “Coffin” and this is a new track that throttles through your speakers and showcases a lot of the same energetic vibe that makes the Brides such a fun group in the first place. I immediately was captivated by the frenetic drumming of Christian Coma who kicked some serious ass with this tune. He plays against and off the dual lead guitar riffing and showcases some fancy footwork on the double bass drums. Andy Six sings in a powerful clean voice for most of the tune and the chorus is one that is sure to go over well in concert.

Next up are the covers and we get two of these with Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” and KISS’ “Unholy” which were really interesting choices if you asked my opinion. “Rebel Yell” starts off a little odd but then gets down to business. The Brides do upgrade the level of Metal groove in the tune for sure but I was not sure how some of the galloping drive was working for me when I heard it. Six delivers his best Idol swagger and holds his own against the legendary Punker and this should please the bands fans without question and perhaps even send them looking for the original. The KISS tune was really an odd choice to find being done because this is such a later era in the bands catalog and not one I expected this kind of band tossing their version into the mix. I am a stickler with KISS as a lifelong fan so I get a little rough when it comes to things like this. Of course I do think that the band plays a sound version musically and even got Zakk Wylde to play some lead guitar, but I was a little left for want with the difference in vocal register. Upon listening I felt that Six has a great voice for any number of KISS tunes but should really stick to the ones done by Paul Stanley and steer away from the oh so necessary snarl that we get in the Gene Simmons vocalized tunes. I do applaud the band in trying and admire their being KISS fans as well. They are good in my book for this if nothing else.

An extended version of the video “Rebel Love Song” is included on this EP but I did not have this video to examine for the review. I did watch the one on YouTube.com but feel this might be different from what the fans get upon purchase. If I am incorrect then the video is fine. I enjoyed the story in the background while watching the band performance shots equally. This EP is currently only available via iTunes at the time of this writing but I hope that it will eventually expand into the Amazon.com provider so the Droid users can add it to their own cloud players. We no longer walk an iTunes exclusive world which is fine by me. Overall this is an interesting sampling of this ever rising band and one that should generate additional interest in their activities.

1. Coffin
2. Rebel Yell
3. Unholy
4. Rebel Love Song (extended video)

Official Web Site: http://www.blackveilbrides.net

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