Rammstein Announces “A Day At The Beach” For 2017

Earlier this morning, the band Rammstein announced that they would play their only East Coast date for 2017 on June 25th at Jones Beach Theater in Wantaugh, NY. This is pretty big news for fans of the German Juggernauts and their incredible presentation and while many of us might be disappointed about the lack of a full-scale tour, it’s easy to understand why the band chooses to make these appearances all the more legendary and impacting. Sadly I missed those most recent shows that were featured on the “Rammstein In Amerika” DVD but friends who were a part of the gigs said their minds were blown from beginning to end. I am going to have to try to be there for this one even if I don’t do it with the means to photograph the incendiary madness that takes place song after song as Till Lindemann guides his bandmates into glory.

Tour Date:
June 25 – Jones Beach Theater

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m not going to add much here since this is pretty much all my own thoughts but I would love to know what you readers think about the fact that Rammstein is coming back here and opting to do a single show. Feel free to let us all know the skinny if you attended that last time around. I had to rush this out for you since the tickets are going on sale on Saturday via THIS LINK. Don’t waste time since this will very likely sell out quick.

Official Website: https://www.rammstein.de/en/

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