“Ragged Old Flag” (Single) by Charlie Daniels

Artist: Charlie Daniels
Title: “Ragged Old Flag” (Single)
Label: CDC Records
Release Date: 6/30/2017
Genre: Spoken Word
Rating: 4/5

It’s the Fourth Of July here in our United States Of America and for many of us this is a very special day as we celebrate its independence and reflect upon the freedoms that our country offers. It’s not as much a day to worry about what BBQ you are going to or if there is enough beer for the company that’s coming over and more about the deep-rooted principles that make this a truly magnificent place to live. The song “Folded Flag” might fall more in line with a Country Music piece but in truth it’s a Spoken-Word item that was originally written and recorded by the late great Johnny Cash. It was recently re-recorded and released by another legendary musician Mr. Charlie Daniels who so many remember as being the key creative sound in “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”. Here’s my thoughts on this very patriotic track.

The solemn story begins with military style snare drumming and a narration by Mark “Oz” Geist who tells of his coming upon a small town and pointing out that the flag hanging over the courthouse was in some rough shape. Geist is a former soldier from Benghazi and is a member of the Wounded Warriors. His view of the shape of this apparently very weathered flag is countered by Charlie Daniels who lines out its rich historic life which began with General George Washington crossing the Delaware river. He cites how it was present for numerous historical events and battles and has seen more than its share of struggle and how that despite it facing numerous trials back here at home in terms of disrespect, protests and even being burned – that is still waves proud and reminds us of all that has led us here. In short the main speaker is very proud of this ”Ragged Old Flag” and wouldn’t have it any other way. He even advises one on how to handle the flag in terms of respectful display and putting it to bed at night. Truly some powerful words that haven’t lost any of the original respect that Cash put down on paper so many years ago. Great stuff and an impacting track for me for sure.

As I close this one up it’s safe to say that we are living in some conflicting political and social times but like the flag that still waves over our government houses we will continue on. My family taught me long ago to hang a flag in my home when it wasn’t a rainy day and when friends purchase a new place its often among the first presents that I give them. I come from a line of armed forces folk and know many who served and on this Independence Day I salute the ragged old proud red, white and blue and thank them for serving freedom.

Track Listing:
1. Ragged Old Flag

Official Website: http://www.charliedaniels.com

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