R.I.P.: Steve Jobs (co-founder Apple Inc.): 10/5/2011

Today was a very sad day in the world of technology as the announcement came about the passing of Steve Jobs, the co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Apple Computer.  He was 56 years old.   Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Jobs, the world at large enjoyed some truly amazing technological advancements in the realm of computing, music delivery and communication with the creation of the Apple computers and iPads, the iPod and of course the iPhone.

Born Steven Paul Jobs, the computer entrepreneur and inventor founded Apple Inc. with partners Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula in the 1970’s helped put computers into the home with their Apple II systems.  This was not a common practice or scenario back in the day as technology like this was unaffordable by most people.  Over the years, the developments and changes found the Macintosh being created and the rest is as we say – history.   Another of the major accomplishments that Steve Jobs can be appreciated for is the purchase of The Graphics Group which was a part of Lucasfilm Productions in 1986.  He changed the name to Pixar and I think you know a few of their movies already (Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Wall-E, The Incredibles and many more). It’s probably safe to say that the absolute pinnacles of his achievements over the recent years was the 2001 introduction of the iPod and the 2007 unveiling of the iPhone.  These two devices themselves have become attachments to the people that own them.  Given their abilities its easy to see why.   Jobs served as the CEO for Apple until August 24, 2011 until his health issues were getting in the way of his being an effective leader.  In the recent reports it had been stated that he had a liver transplant in 2009 and an earlier diagnosis of a cancerous tumor on the pancreas but to many who saw him they said he looked “fine”.  At the time of this posting no official cause of death had been cited but I am sure that these two major issues finally got the best of him.  Pancreatic cancer is one of the worst to have.  Jobs is survived by his wife Laurene and his children.

You might be wondering what made me use this category, which is primarily left for musical deaths of note, for such a person and the bottom line is simple.  Across his life and career history Steve Jobs helped to change the way that the world does things.  There is little more that can be said about it.  The world loves the tech that he helped deliver to its populace and the gadgets are always changing and offering you a different way of doing something that in the end will hopefully enrich your time and experience.   That my friends is legendary and Steve Jobs is worthy of the kudos, the appreciation and thanks for all of it.  We extend condolences to his family and friends in their time of grief and we thank Steve Jobs for helping to push the technology realm all the more farther over the years.  Rest in Peace Steve and know that you really did some good for the world.

Learn more about the life and career of Steve Jobs by clicking his Wikipedia Entry HERE.

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