R.I.P. Jonathan Frid (aka Barnabas Collins): (4/13/2012)

This morning I received a press release from the fine folks at Hermes Press which informed the world that the classically trained actor Jonathan Frid had unexpectedly passed away on 4/13/2012. He was 87 years old and most famously known for his role on “Dark Shadows” as the vampire with a conscience Barnabas Collins. The Gothic Horror soap opera only aired for five years and from 1966-1971 but Frid only appeared on four seasons of it when he made his first appearance and took the show to an entirely new level and direction with his character. I was very, very young when this first aired but I do remember watching it with my Mother and then years later catching Frid’s performances and watching him become a cult figure like few others of his time. 2012 will see this character resurrected by Johnny Depp in a new “Dark Shadows” film and after seeing the trailers I can only attest at how frightening that actually is. Not horror fright, but shock fright as Tim Burton went comedy with the storyline and I never saw that coming.

On behalf of the PiercingMetal site and our absolute love of things that go bump in the night, we say Rest In Peace Mr. Frid, thank you for bringing the world so much joy with your portrayals and appearances. You will be missed but never, ever forgotten. Readers can learn more about the life of Jonathan Frid via his Wikipedia entry HERE.

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