R.I.P. Gary Moore, Legendary Guitarist (2/6/2011)

2011 was already off to a bad start in the eyes of music fans as it had taken both Phil Kennemore (from Y&T) and Don Kirshner from us in January and now it is with great sadness that I announce that the music world has lost the legendary guitar slinger Gary Moore.  He was 58 years old.

The Legend Has Left Us: Gary Moore Is Gone

For many fans Gary Moore first came into public prominence with his band Skid Row and no, not the Hard Rock/Hair Metal group that was fronted at one time by Sebastian Bach but instead a Dublin based Blues Band.  He knew musicians like Phil Lynott and Brian Downey since his high school days and resultant of this had a very early association with their band Thin Lizzy.  He was actually a member at three different points in time which I found very interesting.   Aside from the work with the legendary Irish band, Gary was also known for a nothing short of prolific solo career.  While I was one of those casual fans it was thanks to the efforts of my own music circle that I would enjoy albums like “Corridors of Power” and “Victims Of The Future”.   It was great stuff when you took a larger look at it and Gary’s talents shined like a beacon over much of his competition.   It’s also important to remember just how great and powerful a voice that the musician had under his command.  He was influential to many a Hard Rock and Metal guitar player during these years and even found his music inspiring the Finnish juggernauts Nightwish, who offered the world their take on “Over The Hills and Far Away”.  They did a nice job and you should do a search for it to see for yourself.

In 1990, Moore returned to performing Blues music and while this might have surprised his heavy music fans, it did not at all disappoint them since he did this genre so much justice.  The album “Still Got The Blues” was a fantastic journey into his musical talent and he would remain on this particular road for many more years.   I was never able to enjoy Gary’s talent in the live sense and instead only got to see him on videos, and to listen to his music on record, tape and eventually CD.  He was one of the many that I had hoped to see in my lifetime, but now that is no longer possible.

Gary was vacationing in Estepona, Spain at the time of his death.  No other information has been released.

The impact of Gary’s legendary skills  are far-reaching and we would love to find your own views about the master being left on this memorial as comments.  Please feel free to share your stories about shows attended, the music that inspired you or even your encounters with him in person.  Rest in Peace Gary Moore.  You are once again jamming with Phil Lynott and perhaps even working on material being overseen by Ronnie James Dio.  Thanks for all of your musical gifts to the world.  You shall never be forgotten.

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  1. I’m very sad to hear of the passing of Gary Moore. While it’s easy to point to musicians who are bigger household names, it is very difficult to find ones who are able to say as much on the guitar. Gary managed to do so with no gimmicks, no trends, no reliance and image and nothing but pure, great tone and playing. He’s someone every guitarist should listen to.

  2. I too never got to see him. I wish that more people would have heard him in the USA. I have the Coliseum II album that he did and that was my first introduction to him. He also played on some of Cozy Powell’s solo albums. I was just talking with someone the other day about how we hoped he would tour the USA. This guy actually saw him in NYC about 10 years ago but he couldn’t recall the venue. This guy was a true monster musician.

  3. I was completely shocked to hear about Gary’s passing. Sadly I was never able to see him live, but he has long been one of my favorite guitarists and biggest inspirations. Several years ago I was in a huge funk musically, unable to find anything that really impressed me, and I heard his “Wild Frontier” album and it absolutely blew me away. His combination of shred technique and 80s guitar tricks with classical sensibilities and blues inspiration was truly unique, and he should rightfully be remembered of one of the best and most important rock guitarists of all-time. Furthermore, I have long believed Black Rose is the best Thin Lizzy record!


  4. Gary was such a special musician. Not only did he enjoy stints with my favorite band, Thin Lizzy but had a wonderful, enriched career, even if it didnt involve mainstream commercialism in the U.S. I agree with Alex above. Unbelievably, I recently heard someone say Thin Lizzy was an obscure band. This, I think, is a real shame.

    I’ve been quite fortunate to have seen him twice live. This, as you know, was quite a fete since he rarely performed in the US and hasnt since been here in years. I will always say it: I have never seen such passion emote from a person’s instrument that reaches the viewer’s heart so profoundly. I was struck at the emotion it prompted from me.

    I love the Thin Lizzy Gary. The metal Gary. And even the blues Gary. I almost feel Ive lost a friend today.

    May you be making your beautiful music forever, Gary. You will be deeply missed.

    PS. Thank you. Thin Lizzy’s “Black Rose” album does indeed rule.

  5. Gary had a sublime feel with a pinch of shred thrown in for good measure! To me he was the Ultimate Rock Guitarist! He will be missed! Rest In Peace Gary!!!

  6. We have lost a true guitar hero and legend yesterday! His solo work and his work with Thin Lizzy will live on as some of the best !!! I could not take out off of my turntables back in the day. I hope him and Phil are jamming at that great gig in the sky !!! Rest in Peace.

  7. Ken’s posting about Gary’s death on Facebook greeted me almost immediately when I logged in late Sunday morning and it changed the course of my entire day. I was in shock. This being the man I referred to as “my favorite living guitarist” (Randy Rhoads being my fave)was no longer among us.

    Gary was not only a favorite of mine to listen to, both for his guitar and voice, but his playing had a huge influence on mine. Songs like PARISIENNE WALKWAYS directly influenced my song LOVERS.

    And just the week before, I had perormed a set which included two Gary Moore songs. A lesser know instrumental BLINDER, and his version of the free song WISHING WELL. Heck, just two nights before I was sitting in the Parkside Pub, an Irish Pub in Whitestone Queens with a bit of a metal vibe, and I was speaking with a retired Irishman about famous Irish rockers and Gary’s name came up (I printed out a tribute picture last night which now is on display at the pub. We hope to have a little informal tribute to Gary at the pub one night soon.)

    I did get to see Gary once. At the Ritz in NYC on the WILD FRONTIER tour. It was amazing and it was great to see Scott Ian and so many other thrashers in attendance to pay respect and acknowledge the master.

    I loved his rock/metal years, and own the COLLISEUM II album where he was just finding his guitar voice and was doing prog/fusion. I never really embraced his blues period, but he obviuously was great at it.

    My favorite ballad by him is FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU, my first wife and I even danced to it at our wedding as our “first dance”. My favorite heavy song is MURDER IN THE SKIES. Not only because of the music, but because of the subject matter. The song is about the Russians shooting down the South Korean 747. Here it was, at the height of the cold war and it kind of seemed like it was America against the world, and an Irishman comes out with a song that really “told it as it was”. That meant alot to me and I respected him even more after that.

    I do feel a sudden void inside. The world has lost a great musician. R.I.P Gary Moore. Your music will live on in the influence you have had on so many others, and we will speak praises of you!

  8. What started off as a possible rumor turned into total disbelief. How could this be? Gary Moore? Dead at only 58 years old? I had to personally call the Thin Lizzy camp directly to here it first hand. By the time I reached Scott Gorham I am sure he had answered 100 people prior to me, sadly the news was true. Thin Lizzy, Scott and Brian Downey were all in shock. So sad…..

    Gary, may you rest in peace, may your music live forever and may you rock the heavens as you did here on earth.

    Daniel Stanton
    Coallier Entertainment

  9. Gary Moore, along with Michael Schenker, took my budding and lukewarm interest in Rock music and guitar players and turned it into a raging fire. It was so obvious that Gary’s heart and soul were right out there on display for all to see and hear. He connected with us….we connected with him. He will be sorely missed…..

  10. The world of the living lost another great Lizzy alum… all I can say is the solo on “Still In Love With You” is one of the best moments ever captured on tape… changed my life.

  11. If it wasn’t for Gary Moore, I would have never fallen in love with the music of Thin Lizzy. “Still In Love With You,” “Waiting for an Alibi,” “Do Anything You Want To Do,” “Sarah,” and the classic “Black Rose” are reason enough to love Rock music. And his blistering version of the Yardbirds’ “Shapes of Things” was what made me discover his solo catalog. A true influence on how I play guitar. My deepest regret was never seeing him in concert. I hope him and Phil have a happy reunion up there. RIP, Gary Moore! We’re Always Gonna Love You!

  12. Another sad loss to the Music World.. I can only quote a line from his Dirty Fingers album : “Rest,Rest in peace, You must go,heaven is your home now”

  13. Amazing talent that I feel never really got his due in the realm of huge commercial success but certainly left an enormous impression on the world of guitar. His tone and phrasing were incredible, listening to tracks like “Still Got The Blues” and “Parisienne Walkways” have always given me the chills no matter how many times I hear them. Truly a loss for the world of music…

  14. A true talent who played from the heart, each solo overflowing with feeling. The guitar hero who inspired a generation of guitar heroes. RIP, condolences to his family and loved ones.

  15. It is a very sad day. It seems that every time I turn around another great musician is passing away. I guess as time flies, so do our lives. Gary Moore was such a purist of a guitarist. Great tone, wonderful phrasing, and passionate attack. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage several years ago at the Sweden Rock festival and he was fantastic. He will be sorely missed.

  16. Not really into electric guitars, BUT, Gary Moore made them an instrument of passion, fire and soul. he deserves to be the hero he was, is and always will be. Deceased, but never forgotten.Gary, massive respect and much love.

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