R.I.P. Don Hill, Legendary NYC Club Owner: 3/31/2011

Don Hill photo by Patrick McMullan

This afternoon PiercingMetal.com learned about the passing of NYC club owner and promoter Don Hill who died after collapsing while on the way to a New York hospital.  He was a legendary figure in the New York City music scene, and ran the club that bore his name “Don Hills” for almost two decades.  He was sixty six years old according to reports.    The Soho club Don Hills was not one of my usual haunts but I knew so many people that were regulars there and knew Don from the fantastic music scene that he helped make even better by opening its doors.  Having only met Mr. Hill a handful of times I can simply say that he always greeted you with a firm handshake and a smile.   He was visibly passionate about the music scene and doing some good for New York bands and a wide reaching music fan in general.   It’s always a shame when someone like this leaves us because its a void that is not easily filled.

The Don Hills club was actually sold very recently to Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan and it is being renovated to some extent.  Over the years the venue was a regular showcase for local and national talent and hosted gigs by bands like Green Day, Quiet Riot and The Strokes along with up and comers such as ZO2 and many more.   I hope whatever renovating the space gets allows this kind of scene to flourish going forward.  I think Don would have liked that to be the case.  His full name was Donald Mulvihill and he leaves behind a Brother, a Sister and too many musicians and NYC nightlife legions to mention.  Rest in Peace Don, thanks for all that you did for the music world.  You will be missed for sure.

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  1. I wanted to add in a comment here that only weeks after the death of Don Hill that the new owners of the venue (Nur Khan and Paul Sevigny) have closed the long standing NYC Rock Club for good. According to the NY Post, the pair sold the property to developers and a part of the news item read that the property was offered a “moneymaking opportunity that was unconcerned with preserving Don’s legacy”.

    One can only imagine that we will see the club torn down to have condos built and include a Starbuck’s on the ground floor. It’s always sad to see a NYC institution go away but it happens every day.

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