R.I.P. Dick Clark (4/18/2012)

Yesterday was a sad day in Rock and Roll as one of the most legendary figures in the music industry, Mr. Dick Clark, died of a heart attack following a medical procedure at age 82.

Mr. Clark was most famously known for being the host of the hit television program American Bandstand, a show that gave viewing audiences their first glimpse at artists like Madonna, The Village People, and many others in a too numerous to count list. Even KISS appeared on the show a couple of times during the course of their career and I am pretty sure that this is the place where I first saw Bon Jovi perform. It was a show that reached a demographic like few others and Clark was always the cordial and accomodating face of the youth culture. A list of all acts who performed on the show can be found HERE

He also hosted the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve program that had us all counting down to the New Year and even after his stroke in 2004, he remained on as often as possible. Historically speaking he would only miss two of the programs ever. Now I guess we shall find Ryan Seacrest (from American Idol hosting fame) being the one to uphold the mantle. New Year’s Eve shall never truly be the same without him helping us count down to the shiny new January 1st.

On behalf of the PiercingMetal.com website, I send condolences and sympathies out to his family, friends and world wide fans. You were one of a kind Mr. Clark, and shall never be forgotten. Rest in Peace.

Official Wikipedia Entry HERE

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