“Public Apology” (Single) by Attila

Artist: Attila
Title: “Public Apology” (Single)
Label: SharpTone Records
Release Date: 9/15/2016
Genre: Metalcore
Rating: 3/5

I should have trusted my first instinct that something called “Public Apology” by the band Attila would not be anything like what I might have expected it to be and after giving a couple of listens to the recently released single can say that there is no apology to be found here. The tune is the first single off of the bands forthcoming album “Chaos!” and I should warn the listener with the more sensitive ears that the song if rife with profanity. Trust me on that one as there is far much more than your simple “sh*t” and “a$$” throughout the whole thing. Clearly The “Fronz” (singer Chris Fronzak’s nickname for the unschooled in our readership) is not concerned about getting this tune on the terrestrial radio stations. I think that sort of thing is fine on satellite but don’t quote me.

I’ve not yet seen the band in concert but know full well that they have been selling out the larger venues time and time again and that their audience is the one that refers to my Slayer and King Diamond type of bands as the “Dad Metal” – It’s rather amusing when you think about it but the generation gap does exist when it comes to Heavy Metal music. There is a solid groove to the song and it drives forward but perhaps has just a little bit “too much” of the profanity for my tastes. I’m definitely interested in hearing more from the forthcoming album and seeing what a concert is like in the future. Download this track in the legal fashion via the link below but again make sure you are not one of the easily offended.

Track Listing:
1. Public Apology

Official Website: http://www.attilaband.com

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