Progressive Rock Legend Chris Squire Passes Away (6/27/2015)

The Progressive Rock world, no, the entire music world was dealt a terrible blow as the news about the passing of Yes’ legendary bassist Chris Squire passing away began circulating on the social mediums. He was 67 years old.

Photo - Chris Squire

To say that Squire was a Progressive Rock legend would be an understatement as he was not only the co-founder of the amazing Yes along with singer Jon Anderson, but he was their only bass player for about 47 years. That is one hell of a tenure for a musician and you know that his bass melodies influenced more players than can easily be counted. Back in May of this year, Chris announced a hiatus from Yes activity in terms of touring and working on new material based on his being diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia; Acute erythroid leukemia. Sadly he must have been very far along in this because it was not even six weeks later that he passed away from the illness and to say that music will miss his inspired playing and thinking is an understatement.

The musical accomplishments of Chris Squire are far too numerous for this humble memorial posting so for more information on his storied career please refer to his Wikipedia Entry HERE for a deep look into his life and works. Rest In Peace Mr. Squire, your sound shall live on and your memory will remain and inspire the Progressive Rock world forever.

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