Presenting The Lineup For Summer Slaughter 2013…

You’ll have to forgive me for getting this post up a couple of days later than planned, but I was waiting on my sites transition to another server to complete and be checked. During the time this was happening I was unable to update anything. So here we are at the announcement of the 2013 Summer Slaughter Tour lineup and it might interest some of you while infuriating a few others. Check out the poster and let’s discuss briefly afterward.

Headlining the tour will be the Dillinger Escape Plan and the other groups appearing are Animals As Leaders, Periphery, Norma Jean, Cattle Decapitation, The Ocean, Red Chord, and Aeon. Its been noted in the press releases about the hot summer event that there could be a few additional bands on the bill but right now we are holding firm at eight. So what do you think about this particular lineup? Is it stronger than you expected or is it a bummer? Let us know in the comments as I love hearing what the concert going readers think about this kind of stuff. It’s too early to tell if I will be hitting our own regional event, but if I do you can count on a concert review on the main PiercingMetal site along with as many photos as I can snare in the allotted time. Also, before you ask, it’s also too early to tell if there would be any sort of contest for this massive event. I know I did one last year and of course I am interested in doing one again if I get the chance. Keep watching our Official Facebook or Twitter accounts to walk in pace with me on our plans.

Official Facebook Page:

Here’s some releases by the bands to get you better acclimated into their sounds if you don’t already have them. Each are interesting for Metal in their own way.

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