Presenting The Full Lineup For “Rock Fest” Barcelona 2016

Yesterday I shared with the readership the full lineup of this years Hellfest which is taking place in France later on in the year. We’re not heading there I’m sad to say but when I learned of the full lineup for the Rock Fest which is held in Barcelona, Spain, I figured to give them some equal time and share it with you all to get your thoughts and to potentially make you aware early enough for you to make some vacation plans

Poster - Rock Fest - 2016

PiercingMetal Thoughts:
So let’s take a glance at this one as we did with the Hellfest and as you can see a few of the most prominent names are Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, Amon Amarth, Blind Guardian and many, many more that will make your fist pump higher into the air than ever before. No Five Finger Death Punch or Papa Roach and any of the other bands that the US festival circuit ALWAYS seems to have on the main stages. Now don’t get me wrong because I enjoy both of those groups but I have heard many Metal Legions grumble about how we don’t do Metal Festivals properly while Europe wins out over and over and over. Yeah we used to have Ozzfest but even that was only so good because you had half awesome and half GTFO of here. We definitely need a US version of the Wacken Open Air festival at this point but I guess its still rather hard to finance so I will keep my complaints to a minimum about it all. Now what do you readers think of this festival and will you be brushing up on your Spanish to head out there and be one of the masses? Let me know in the comments section below. I always love bantering about this stuff.

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One thought on “Presenting The Full Lineup For “Rock Fest” Barcelona 2016”

  1. The Spanish festival is quality over quantity. And Five Finger Death Punch or Papa Roach are just over used because they must have an in with someone who books these American festivals. Its not like either are any good. Big American festivals either clutter their lineups with screamo/metalcore noise, or whiny wimpy false hard rock/metal (like Papa Roach), or a nostalgia celebration.

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