Presenting The 2020 Juno Awards Winners for Rock and Metal

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Last year, I had decided to add the Canadian Juno Awards nominations and winners list to the content being presented over on my lifestyle website “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken”. Since they had a Metal and Rock category, I edited the winners list and presented it right here on – This year I decided to also post the nominations but since they are also showcased in the winners rundown you don’t have to leave this page. Here are this years winners in the Rock, Alternative and Metal categories.

Alternative Album of the Year:
WINNER – PUP, “Morbid Stuff”
Black Mountain, “Destroyer”
Foxwarren, “Foxwarren”
Mac DeMarco, “Here Comes the Cowboy”
Orville Peck, “Pony”

Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year:
WINNER – Striker, “Play to Win”
The Agonist, “Orphans”
Kobra and the Lotus, “Evolution”
Lindsay Schoolcraft, “Martyr”
Single Mothers, “Through a Wall”

Rock Album of the Year:
WINNER – The Glorious Sons, “A War on Everything”
Big Wreck, “..but for the sun”
The Dirty Nil, “Master Volume”
Headstones, “Peopleskills”
Sum 41, “Order in Decline”

PiercingMetalThoughts: So there you have it my friends. What did you think about the winners of these three categories? Are you a fan of any of the bands? I’ll admit that Striker is still a relatively new name for me, so I will be looking a little more into them since they won for Metal and I will be doing the same for The Glorious Sons since I want to see what kind of Rock they are offering up. I’ve pointed out that I wasn’t the biggest Alt fan these days but hey since a quick Spotify search never hurt anyone I can see what the heck the band PUP is all about as well. Did you want someone else from the nominated to take home the award? I pointed out who I was most interested in winning back in the nominations post. Any additional notions from the readership are most welcome down in the comments section below. Now before I head out from this post after pressing “Publish”, we all know that the world is on edge because of the Coronavirus Pandemic and since so little has changed since we all began hearing about it I am asking you to use caution when going outside or interacting with other people. You should be following your local regions guidelines for good measure. Be safe out there and I will see you all again soon or maybe not all that soon.

Not So Shameless Plug: For those curious about the full rundown from the 2020 Juno Awards, just click HERE to see the entire list of winners on “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”.

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