Presenting PiercingMetal’s “2017 Wrapped” in Spotify

It was only a few days ago that I learned how users could generate their “2017 Wrapped” in the Spotify streaming service and since I’ve been a several years deep user of this music application I figured “why not”. When you visit the Wrapped link, it connects to your profile and determines a number of interesting criteria based on what you listened to over the course of the year. It shows you a whole litany of things and I took screenshots of them all to work out on a fun post over on “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” lifestyle website that I also maintain. Since my profile in Spotify was created using “PiercingMetal” as an ID, I figured I should show you the rundown of what the end result was. Take a look at the photo below.

If you want to see the WHOLE bunch of secured images and some thoughts on them, please click on THIS LINK to be transported to my little editorial on The Chronicles. The image below does have some discrepancies since while everything listed was given a listen to, a couple of the presented ones were only one or two tracks for a quick repeat listen and nothing over the top. Thanks for listening and for checking out the full on narrative over on the Lifestyle site, its always fun to entertain my Metal and Geek community with that outlet when its possible. The full narrative also has my most played tracks in a Playlist, but I will link that for you HERE as well just in case you are too busy to read the other post. I welcome all to follow our profile but will warn that I do not always listen to Metal music. Sometimes there are some really weird aural cravings that need to be indulged and Spotify greatly assists in them LOL. To get your own 2017 Wrapped or to create a Spotify account in the first place just use the links below. Until next time.

Official Links:
2017 Wrapped:

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