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It’s with great pleasure that I present to you a brand new shiny part of the PiercingMetal Musings Blog with the “PiercingMetal Contests” Category and I’ll admit right now that I’m super excited about this because it works for the fans and the website on a number of different levels. Now the contest stuff is nothing new as I’ve been doing a number of concert ticket giveaways via our Official Facebook Page for the site since around 2009 for the B.B. King’s and Highline Ballroom venues. To make it even better, the folks over at Livenation started giving us a number of shows to offer our readers earlier in 2012 and I have greatly enjoyed working with their people and there have been a couple of instances where the Excess DB Entertainment group has tossed their hat into the mix – Whew. If you have not been following this stuff already just take a look at the list of coolness that we have given away so far….

Past contests for shows have featured Deicide, Possessed, Winger, Stryper, KISSNation, The Church, The Nerds, Glam Rock Tribute, Who Tribute, Destruction, 70’s Tribute Fest, Hurtsmile, Appice Brothers, ZO2, Diamondhead, Blaze Bayley, The Misfits, Anvil, Into The Void, Soft Parade, Riot, Uli Jon Roth, Quiet Riot, Unchained, Hindenburg, Ozric Tentacles, Cactus, Loudness, Kittie, Schism, Facelift, Rhapsody Of Fire, Bound By Substance, Eye Empire, Charetta, Sponge, Dope, Wednesday 13, Amorphis, Kamelot, EdGuy, Overkill, Scream It Like You Mean It Tour with The Acacia Strain, Rubix Kube, Radio Moscow, August Infinity, Anaka, Panzie, Evans Blue, Summer Slaughter Tour with Cannibal Corpse & Between The Buried And Me, Janus, Otherwise, Suicide Silence, Three Friends, Wishbone Ash, Static X, Fozzy, Obituary, Korpiklaani, Nonpoint, Alesana, Septic Flesh, Miss May I, Epica, and Michael Schenker Group. I’m a meticulous record keeper and this comes from being an IT Specialist for many years so I have most of our giveaways from the beginning in a list 🙂 It’s really been awesome to treat our website readers in the region to so many incredible bands.

So Why Did I Change It? While I have loved engaging our fans via the social networking page in Facebook, it was time to move away from it for the giveaways because the continual changes in how fans see the pages that they are liking was making it far too difficult to monitor and dish out the winning news. They started out awesome for this kind of thing but now of all your fans don’t see every post that you make unless you pay and should you email anyone about something that they won, the message goes to their “Other” mailbox if they are not listed on your personal account as a friend. The other thing that was beginning to annoy me was that people who didn’t “Like” the page were able to participate and win on a number of occasions and that worked against my using the page for this kind of stuff as well. I surely didn’t want someone who didn’t “like” PiercingMetal winning over someone who is a tried and true fan of the hard work. By using the Blog its a wider playing field and one that I will be able to monitor with greater ease. It will also keep the focus of fan attention where it is the most important and that is on our domain. There is only so much sending people away from the site that I can deal with after all 🙂 Use of the blog also allows for a historical review of the past show giveaways. Providers of gives will have an easier means of seeing what’s been done in the past by simply choosing a particular tag or phrase in the blog posting that relates to them. I like that option a lot.

So How Will It Work? It’s actually going to work the same exact way as it did on the Facebook Page for; Fans will be able to participate in whatever we are offering up by chiming in to the topic properly and from the responders, the winning names will be selected. I’ll definitely continue to broadcast the giveaways via the Facebook Page and Twitter so those fans know about it, but it will be on the blog where the chiming in counts to win anything that we are discussing. I’m still hammering out the finer details on how I want to announce winners but it might be in replies to their posts since the means is there for that kind of thing.

So What’s On The Horizon? I am so glad you asked because we have a lot of amazing shows already approved and being planned for future contests. So far there has been a Deicide contest that precedes this particular announcement post but coming up next is Uriah Heep, Dance Gavin Dance, The Birthday Massacre, Sonata Arctica, Motionless In White and Eluveitie and these will close our our Metal concert year for 2012. I’ll suggest that you keep your eyes open for them so you don’t miss out. The other hope for the new section is even more awesome shows from different promoters and even bands from the region that want to do something in tandem with the site. If you talented people have something you want to pitch me, then by all means do it since I will gladly listen.

I’ve left the comments section open on this posting so you can let me know what you think of the new premise. My hope is that you like it and keep the same positive response that we have found the other concert giveaways getting in play. If you are not a fan of it well I hate to disappoint you because it is here to stay like this for the long haul. Thanks for listening and thanks to those incredible providers of this stuff because without you it would not be the success that it is. Now let’s get back to our regularly scheduled blogging and reviewing. Remember to follow our Facebook Page, Twitter and our Instagram since we bring you deeper into our world with those tools as well.

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