Presenting Granny 4 Barrel’s “Freak Flag” Official Video

When a publicist that you’ve worked with for a very long time sends you a release about a relatively new band that falls into the Shock Rock category you do tend to get a little bit curious. When the release outlines that this band features a bunch of carnival delinquent looking characters and an octogenarian you wonder if you actually want to click the “play video” on the YouTube channel. I mean, come on, that is just weird right? Of course it is so let’s take a look at what Granny 4 Barrel is all about in their first video ever “Freak Flag”.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As you can see by the clip, this is mostly a performance video and there is no overall story to it like we find in some others but with it we get to see the four piece unit in action and get a solid look at all of them. On guitar is The Butcher who looks crazy and we see the chap known as The Maestro on the violin who brings the class while Granny herself (or is it Himself) brings the attitude and the sass. Yes, it’s a dude in Grandma Drag….oh Dee Snider what on Earth have you inspired ? The clip also features a whole cast of colorful characters that might give the normal person a heavy sense of pause. Not me of course since I am surrounded by these types of folks and think a lot of them are awesome. It’s the normal ones that worry me the most. As far as the song, I’ll toss together a quick Single Review as soon as I can work one up and while I don’t yet “love” this track, I will not be discounting the band about it. Sometimes a number needs to hit you a few times so let’s wait on that viewpoint when I do that review. The clip is energetic and disturbing fun at the same time and one has to wonder what G4B is like in concert. I’d catch them if they were playing near me for sure. Did you like this video?

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