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A couple of months ago announced their “Cloud Player” and for those who don’t understand what that means it very simply is the ability to upload music to a server somewhere and then access these files anywhere you go via a computer with an internet connection or a Smartphone/Tablet device like an Android Phone or Xoom. I left out the Apple devices because they are doing their own cloud medium called “iCloud”. If you are an Ipod, Mac or Itouch and etcetera user then you will have to find someone who dished out the goods on that service.

The image above is the first screen you see when you login to the service and as you can see this is still in the beta phase of the project. Similar to the Amazon Cloud system, you will need to download what is referred to as an “Upload Manager” to your hard drive and this will let you select and later enjoy your music via the internet alone. I decided not to post a whole bunch of photos for this particular service since the Beta aspect could find numerous changes taking place and hence making many of them obsolete. As long as readers know of the existence and basic premise I feel we are fine.

Google gives you about 50 free songs to enjoy, so depending on your tastes you might love or hate all of them. I lean to the Rock and Metal side while also remaining open but the offerings that they gave me outside of my genre scope were hardly interesting. This is purely a personal choice and you might feel different. I have not yet deleted the selections I did not want nor upload any new music to it as I am still in the process of organizing my music library. That kind of thing is good to do every once in awhile.

Once you have signed into the service and downloaded the music manager you will need to download the means to access it on your device and since this is Android based you can do that in the Market icon on your device. Once logged into the link on your device you should see all of the music that you have available. I tested this and thought it was great. I just need to upload the main stuff I want to have available like my KISS, Priest, Van Halen, Savatage and Type O Negative catalogs as a start.

Some Immediate Observations:

Amazon’s Cloud gives you 5GB free and anything after that becomes a pay per allotment account. The Google Music in its beta form seems to offer you the chance to upload 20k songs, and yes that is twenty thousand. Some of you might be shaking your head saying “who has that many songs” but believe me I know people with so much more. Especially the folks in the music industry that are out there and doing reviews. We get so many links to tunes to offer commentary on.

Google Music’s navigation is straightforward and when you are logged in you also seem to have access to the other Google services you are taking part in. I liked that very much as I have a Buzz, Email, and an Analytics account for the website.

This marks three heavy hitters all doing cloud based mediums for music and while folks like MOG and Last FM have been offering up stuff like this for a little longer, it does seem like they are looking to rid the world of physical CD media sooner or later. You might say that it can never happen, but when was the last time you saw a pre-recorded cassette tape around for sale or its predecessor the eight track tape. Yep. Times and technology changes the way we do things. I know I will miss CD’s when they are a myth and I only wonder what can follow this. Readers can learn a little more about the MOG and Last FM things by perusing my overview about the many different Social Networking mediums that are being employed by entertainment resources nowadays. Click HERE to see that massive and continually growing set of articles.

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