Presenting “Disconsolate” by The Ballet Deviare

In case you were wondering what this actually is let me give it my best shot; Ballet Deviare is a modern dance company that employs the use of crushing genres of Metal to bring its unique presentation to larger life. I first heard about them a few years ago thanks to some of my talented inner circle friends but sadly the scheduling of their events never seemed to happen on nights that I was free to attend. Bummer right? Do you feel my pain? Anyway, despite this being the case I have greatly enjoyed a number of their posted clips which are available on and that leads me to this post. Recently the Company released their new experimental nine minute film called “Disconsolate”. I copied the description for you below, so please check it out.

“Ballet Deviare presents DISCONSOLATE, a nine minute experimental dance film directed by Adam Waltner. DISCONSOLATE is a powerful, soul-entrancing depiction which illustrates the depths of human suffering. Set to “Waldlander im Herbst” from the Funeral Doom phenomenon Celestiial (Tanner Anderson), the piece evokes a feeling and mood that is as hypnotic as it is effecting. Prepare yourself for a bold and unforgettable experience. DISCONSOLATE’s staging and patterning were influenced by the ballet La Bayadere, Act II: The Kingdom of the Shades. DISCONSOLATE was Ballet Deviare’s recognition of its ballet foundation, while simultaneously redefining its classical roots.”

Stuff like this is just too cool not to share. Isn’t it amazing when one considers just how wide and encompassing the Metal geography actually is and how many exciting and different things are going on with its creative forces? I love it and feel that it just encourages and inspires you to keep on supporting it and perhaps even to brave your own ideas with a little more zeal and make them tangible. Congrats on the new film Ballet Deviare, I’m hoping to catch you perform hopefully soon.

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