Play NYC Virtual Convention Begins Today (8/10/2020)

Virtual Conventions. They are no longer a new agenda item and we’ve talked about this event going virtual as well over on “The Chronicles” since in the past we’ve found the topics to be very broad in nature. As many of the PiercingMetal Legions are gamers or fans of that which be electronic in play, let me use this forum to remind you that the online edition of the popular Play NYC event begins today. Since I was tired of having every entry on both website calendars showing as “Cancelled” or “Postponed”, I decided to add these dates to the mix.

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You’ll need to click through to the Official Websites for more details on who is presenting and how you can participate and enjoy the demos and maybe even purchase some cool items. I’m hoping the peruse the offerings as well but don’t think I will be able to do this every single day since I have a pretty stocked regimen for my time this week. When this convention happens in the physical sense, I generally walk around it for one full day. It’s always a nice time and I’ve met some really cool people there and engaged with like-minded media sorts. Hopefully 2021 will see a lot more of the things we enjoy doing being possible to arrange in the original sense but only time will tell.

Official Websites:
Play NYC:

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