PiercingMetal’s Quarantine Check In During Coronavirus Pandemic (3/30/2020)

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About a week or so ago, I decided to do a sort of “fireside chat” with the fans of PiercingMetal via a Facebook Live stream on the sites Official Page (linked below for later reference). I’m new to such a practice as I’d usually only showcase a concert or convention that I was attending via this method but with the Coronavirus Pandemic now apparently in full sway, it was time to employ some tools differently. Much like the clip discussed HERE, this one was also uploaded to our Official YouTube Channel to generate additional traffic there. Please enjoy this candid chat from me to you.

About The Clip: PiercingMetal Founder/Editor In Chief Ken Pierce checks in on the friends and fans of the website and its social mediums via a Facebook Livecast. Recorded live from the Media Command HQ using the laptop, this latest clip continues the bare bones “hello and how are you doing” conversations during the growing Coronavirus Pandemic. As mentioned in an earlier livecast, KP is self-quarantining based on the instructions from NYC legislators with limited ventures to stock up on needed supplies. This time some updated Metal Scene and Comic Book Industry news was outlined. This clip was added to our Channel to broaden the content base. The plan is for this to continue during this questionable time. #Staytuned #stayhealthy #stayinside #washyourhands

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So that’s all she wrote my friends and while I’d love to add some kind of extended closing editorial for you right here I have to step aside from that. The reason is based on the sheer number of postponements and cancellations that are being announced and must be shared with you in the readership. Remember that the event schedule for “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” was also rather loaded and so far everything that I was planning to do for that side of my creative coin has been moved to the Fall with some events not happening at all. I hope you enjoyed this latest clip and I ask you to please give that Channel a subscribe because the more support we get the more options of creativity that open up there. I also can suggest that you follow both PiercingMetal and “The Chronicles” on their Official Facebook Pages because I am posting very regularly. At the point of this closing, I am not sure if I will be doing any more clips like these past two because there is an essence of time needed. I do feel that we must stick together during this crisis. Please be safe out there because we want all of our friends to be healthy. Thanks for watching and reading I will see you again soon in one sense or the other.

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