PiercingMetal’s Editorial For 2017

So here I am once more and looking back across the past year with some Editorial thoughts about the highlights and changes that were spoken about on the PiercingMetal website. I’ve aimed at making this years offering a bit more succinct and not as lengthy as had been done over the past few years. Let’s get started with our “State Of The Site”.

Website Changes: With the website now running as a fully based WordPress site the biggest changes are behind us outside of the occasional re-tooling of how something is being presented to our fine readership. With that said, I should share that I have dropped the CONCERT REVIEWS category in full and before you have a coronary about that and think that there will be no additional concerts reviewed on the website, I can tell you that ALL of those reviews have now been filed under the EVENT REVIEWS category. The rationale behind doing this makes sense because at the end of the day a concert is an event and much like a convention, didn’t need to be parsed out into separate but connected Categories. By having them all in one file system, readers will now enjoy a few concert reports and then see a convention that we also attended and wanted you to easily learn about. I think this will expand the visiting of posts considerably and find those readers who sometimes only checked into one of the two sides before the merging being more engaged with what we are dishing out. Having one less category also keeps the presentation a bit more succinct which is never a bad thing.

I’ve also gone through the FEATURES and REVIEWS Parent Categories and made sure that they were checked off as well in each of the related Child Category posts. Initially if I did a BOOK REVIEW I would only select that in the Administration panel but after some reading about the creative process learned that both the Parent and Child categories should be selected since it upgrades the searching value. I’m all about being found easily by the Google bots that so okay by me. That is all I’ve done in terms of revamping what’s in front of you but of course the re-introduction of legacy content continues to be done as best as possible. Those of you who are subscribed to the blog will periodically get notifications that something “new” has been posted even if the item is five or ten years old. This is unavoidable as I am recreating posts in a new database so while its old it is new to this database. While I would love all the older work to be in place, it’s a time-consuming process and nowadays it’s more important to keep up with the new news than celebrate the past stuff. Thank you for understanding. It’s just the way online journalism flows today. I have however pushed the content base past 5,200 posts. I am setting my sights on being at 5,500 by our 13th Anniversary in April. Let’s see if we can do it.

Music and Video Reviews: All I have to add about these two items of our content base is that a lot more single reviews and music video reviews are being offered up than ever before. I love being able to share them with a greater ease and I think readers can count on plenty more coming down the pike. With bands issuing singles many months before a full length it lets us raise your awareness rather than sitting on it and not getting you all excited about a band you like. Remember that these are in addition to the full album and video reviews that are done on a regular basis.

The Special Features: Our main topics of the Upcoming Tours, Milestones, and Memorials have picked up steam this past year. All three are expected to keep you aware, keep you celebrating and alas even reflecting in respect in the soon to arrive 2018 year. I don’t see any new features being added to the mix at the time of this editorial but perhaps I will file something else under this category for good measure. I have to run my thoughts on this by some trusted counsel to see what they think about it.

Comics, On Screen and Toybox: Regarding The Pop Culture Side Of The Fence, I’ve lumped all three of our Pop Culture angles together for the editorial because there have been quite a few posts going live on each of them this past year. Recently I was asked if I had changed the focus of the website to be more of these types of summaries but in truth this is business as usual as the once side blog “PiercingMetal Musings” discussed them all on an almost weekly basis. The merging of that blog into the main website just lets you see how much of that stuff I was involved in and with my regular attendance at the NY Comic Con, Toy Fair and related conventions happening I can only promise more of this type of content being delivered.

Socially Speaking: As noted in numerous posts across each of the networks, the PiercingMetal Site is keeping very active on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networks. Since “the more the merrier” is the attitude to keep with this stuff we ask for all of the readers that find our presentation of interest, to be sure they are not only on these networks as likers, followers or fans but that they engage with the posts and photos they see by liking them and sharing our existence by inviting friends to like the accounts. I’ve observed that fans who invite their friends to like the Facebook Page get more results than the ones who post to their own wall and say “hey check it out”. A recent statistical study outlined that the average attention span is about 8 seconds long so use that as a gauge. Let’s make those numbers sing in 2018 because I cannot reach everyone alone. Oh and speaking of reach here are where everyone was coming from.

Where You From? PiercingMetal’s largest traffic visitation numbers from the USA since we are based there but our Top Fifteen Countries beyond our continent were Russian Federation, France, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, India, Israel, China, Ukraine, Belize, Brazil, Netherlands, Panama, Romania and Philippines. Worldwide access to this little dotcom of mine always blows my mind and if you have friends in these areas who are hitting the site please extend thanks and tell them to keep up the good work.

Hail and Farewell: We really lost some amazing people this past year and among them were these entertainers; Gregg Allman, Mary Tyler Moore, David Cassidy, Tom Petty, Chester Bennington, Don Rickles, Jim Nabors, Walter Becker, Martin Landau, Martin Eric Ain, Malcolm Young, Adam West, Jerry Lewis, Trish Doan, Jane Train, Warrel Dane, Pat DiNizio, David Z., Paul O’Neill, Roger Moore, Chris Cornell, Allan Holdsworth, Sib Hashian, Bernie Wrightson, Chuck Berry and John Wetton. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the contributions that they gave to creativity and inspiration. May you all Rest In Peace.

That’s all from me for this year’s editorial and for my year. I’ve decided to keep this on the shorter side going forward as my past ones were too darned long. If you’ve been with us for any length of time please know that we thank you from the bottom of our artistic heart. It’s my pleasure to keep you informed on so many awesome topics and to hopefully inspire you to check out new music, or readings or event adventures. I wish you and yours a safe ringing in of the New Year and will be back in short order to start 2018 off properly. There is no rest for the wicked they say and well, the same applies to online journalism.


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