PiercingMetal’s Editorial For 2016

Well my readers we have arrived at the end of 2016 and what a year it has been. I wanted to just toss together a little editorial about what’s come down the pike this past year and what some of the plans are for the future. I’ve decided to make this year’s edition much shorter than I have been known to do and that is more based on the timing that I have to sit and wax creative. I hope you don’t mind, but right now I would rather keep the process going than talk about some of the “where it’s been” stuff. With that in mind welcome to the “State Of The Site” address for 2016. Let’s go.

The modifications of the site have not been many outside of the changes that the author of the currently used template offers up. Some of these I like and some I do not but this theme works fine on mobile devices and computer systems so I am keeping it. When we first did the revamp into WordPress we were aiming at using a customized them but that didn’t work out and here we are. Speaking content for a moment, I do still have a considerable amount of legacy work to re-introduce to the site but it’s all being done as time permits. The need to be on point with current news and happenings finds me sitting down to re-integrate old reviews and images when the news and reporting week has been slow. I am of course making strides but there is still a lot to do. More than 600 new posts went online in 2016 and in addition to these there were about 250 posts added from our legacy stockpile.

Music: One of the things I have been making sure to do a lot of over the last year is to also feature the advance singles that we find coming out. This keeps the music content flowing and allows for easier band support, especially when a new album is still several months away. I look forward to doing a lot more of these kinds of posts in 2017.

Video: The video reviews section has greatly expanded since it now features not only the overviews of product releases on standard and Blu-ray and now offers up the critical eye on music video offerings and any movie reviews of current films that we have enjoyed. With 2017 looking to be a busy year for films that our readers are lining up for I predict a very busy category.

Concerts, Events and Book Reviews: Nothing at all has changed with these three offerings and its business as usual with our posts that fall under them. Of course, I have added a few more conventions to my adventures and they are helping inspire the geek masses. As far as the concerts went, I think I saw about 100 different concerts this past year and since many had three bands to the bill or more my checklist on bands seen has grown considerably.

Comics: There’s been more expansion with the comics category this year as well because there are just so many initiatives in the comic scene that they need to be reported on to get those orders in to the comic book store. Yeah, the monthly solicitations are regular but now there are more news items and even some focused insight on a particular issue. As a lifelong comics geek, I am passionate about the hobby and want to spark others into either collecting them or just reading them on a tablet device. As many of you know we’ve been going to NY Comic Con since 2010 and that event only gets bigger and bigger so it’s important to keep lots of comic book things discussed on the website.

On Screen: A lot of growth here as well based on all the geek centric properties that were released during 2016 and the few that have already been announced as coming in 2017. Since some movies are tossing up two or three different trailers it’s been a prosperous category. Let’s not forget the whopping pile of superhero television shows since those don’t seem to be slowing down either. Not that I’m complaining.

Now for some of the other stuff that makes the site special and keeps me busier than ever

The Events Calendar: I’ve loved having a regional calendar for the readers to examine and help plot out their own adventures. It’s been a part of the outlet since the very first day I launched back in 2005. It’s hard to say how much its expanded in 2016 since several places that I used to list had closed shop but such is life in NYC. I’ll say that it was great to learn how visiting Metal Legions from other countries who followed the page would refer to this when they came to town to see what was going on.

Contests: According to my spreadsheet, PiercingMetal has held 223 contests and given away over 1,500 tickets. Since these giveaways have been in place as a site perk since 2011 I think that is pretty cool. I hope to offer up some exciting shows during the 2017 musical year. I’ve added select movies to my ticket giveaways as well this past year and since I love seeing movies and concerts, the idea of putting fellow fans into this stuff for free makes me very, very happy. Make sure you subscribe to the website or like us on Facebook so you see this stuff first.

The Social Networking of PiercingMetal.com:

I always mention how I have been using the social networks for my creative side since the likes of Friendster but no one really remembers that one anymore. Below is a quick stand on the ones that we are using for the PiercingMetal Outlet and how they’ve been implemented.

Facebook: The big kahuna of the social networks is still a bit of a quandry for me. We have some truly dedicated fans who regularly engage our postings but their numbers grow slower than I would like to see happening. The network itself keeps you invisible unless you pay for ads and since traffic to the overall site has still been great from the Google search engine I find no need to be doing that and think the cash is better spent elsewhere. Page fans have a two-step process these days and need to first like said page and then select “see first”. What a pain. Though we still have plenty of “ghost followers”, there are a score of folks who are regularly engaging the posts and images. Trust me that you are making me keep this page online by doing so. I’ll be needing those diehards to help me get more of their circle of friends behind the outlet this year when it comes to the page.

Instagram: The Instagram is probably my favorite of the socials at the moment and I’ve been using it extensively on both the PiercingMetal.com and PiercingKen.com websites. This past year it found me using it in tandem at conventions so I could tag all the vendors and cosplayers that I met for better interaction. As 2016 closes up I have loaded up more than 3,100 original photographs.

Twitter: The reviews get posted automatically to our Twitter but I’ve have been neglecting it otherwise which I need to rectify in 2017. The followers have grown in decent enough fashion so thanks if you are one of those people. I’ve just not yet mastered the conversations in Twitter aspect that other friends do. I think in 2017 I will do less auto posting to Twitter and more succinct use of it.

The Google+: and Tumblr: accounts for PiercingMetal.com are very simply “feeds” to our WordPress posts. I’m sad that G+ never took off since it flows so well on a mobile device. Tumblr also.

YouTube: I think its high time to use the official YouTube channel for PiercingMetal as a Vlogger from various locations. Sort of giving a live video low down on what I am taking part in. I’ve done some of the “Go Live” things in Facebook on our Page and they are met with some approval. Let’s see what happens. I might need some help in doing these the best way.

I know that these are a lot of things to digest and keep track of and believe me I would much more prefer to just keep posting content instead of worrying how many followers I have on Twitter or Facebook. In web-journalism the likes are nice but it’s the server logged traffic that makes the most difference to me., Over the past year I’ve taken notice how many have dropped off Facebook for one reason or another or are no longer using Twitter to report on their whereabouts and the constantly shifting stuff keeps us on our toes. Trust me as a scribe and media person it’s a lot for me to do since I must make sure to share anything all over the place. Whew. If you want to play along with us the website has buttons for you to find the main social networks the easiest and the Instagram is featured on the side of the site so do come along. I’ll do my best to keep it interesting. I only ask if any of this makes you smile that you will suggest that your own frieinds come follow by sharing the page or profiles in your own postings.

Statistically Speaking: Using the popular Alexa.com traffic ranking tool it appears that at the time of this editorial that the PiercingMetal website ranks as the 731K most trafficked site on the global web which is pretty cool. There was a modest drop in this number from the last couple of months but since this is globally based I think it’s a worthy ranking based on just how much is out there. The daily time on the site is over 23 minutes with about 14 pages per session and our Bounce Rate is 28.7%. It’s nice to see some time being spent as opposed to visitors bouncing off the domain after a minute or two. Approximately 1.5 million pages were viewed by over 175 countries. Outside of the USA, the top ten countries that visited PiercingMetal the most over the year were France, Germany, Russian Federation, Ukraine, China, Israel, Great Britain, Canada, Netherlands and Spain. You can check out our most current standings via THIS LINK. Be aware that this will change based on when you are reading this report.

Reflecting Upon the Music & Entertainment Losses of 2015:

The “Hail and Farewell” for 2016 was a truly grievous thing. 2015 ended with us losing the great Lemmy Kilmister and when we had finally gone into the brand new 2016 and come to terms with that loss it would take the legendary David Bowie from us as well and begin what amounted to an almost endless stream of celebrity and musical loss. Below are some of the greatest losses the entertainment industry felt during the year.:

David Bowie, Prince, Glen Frey, Paul Kantner, Carrie Fisher, Florence Henderson, Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, George Michael, Leonard Haze, Adam Sagan, Leonard Cohen, Nick Menza, Jimmy Bain and many more that I have not listed here. Thanks to all of them for their amazing offerings in music and entertainment. They shall be missed.

The Thanks and Appreciation Part: A very heartfelt and deeply sincere word of thanks to all of you readers, page likers and followers of the words and images that we put out there. Thanks to all of you for being interested in this little home on the web of mine. When I make a post and see folks chiming in or liking the stuff I tend to smile a little bit more. If you are helping the social networks grow than an invisible gold star is heading your way from the Metal Command HQ. There are so many outlets online right now and its only going to get more and more common so the time that you spend on this website is very much appreciated. Perhaps over the course of 2017 we can get that 23 minutes of site time a little longer and the pages per session even higher. Thanks also to those who help make this an easier task to do and are working in the publicity and management roles.

2017 Here We Come: The Plans: I might be repeating myself here but the plan is just to keep the process going and post, post, post. I plan on making a better effort at the legacy content since I don’t like it being MIA for the time being as that costs valuable traffic. I mentioned above that we had 600 brand new and 250 older posts added to the website this past year. That leaves us with just over 4,300 posts in total. A hopeful plan is to reach 4,500 posts by the time we hit the 12th Anniversary in April. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

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