PiercingMetal’s Editorial for 2012

Is it that time of the year again? Well I guess that it is and welcome to the annual Editorial for PiercingMetal.com where I’ll line out some of the highlights and major happenings that took place over the last year in terms of the website itself. It’s been a rather productive year when it all comes down to it and as longer tenured readers know there are now a few different aspects to this whole presentation. We have the traditional review side, and the more loosely structured blog side but also a comprehensive calendar and gallery area as well. Four walls build this Metal Media House and now I will just address some of the practices we’ve put into action over the past year.

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Site Modifications: I’ll start with this one since its easiest and to be honest I didn’t do anything that would be considered a modification but over on the blog I did add a couple of additional categories. I’d like to do more news related things in the coming year and that is what those items will focus on.

CD’s and DVD’s: With this year’s editorial I have decided to merge the two topics for the sake of brevity. The review process for the CD side has remained the same with less and less product being sent out and more resources relying on the digital servicing when it comes to review. The times they are a changing and I cannot blame them in some sense given the cost of getting the products and shipping it out to every interested party. Sure it lessens the music library just a little bit but what can you do. On the music review side I’ve been trying to add the occasional single review to the mix because sometimes an album is not coming out for months after a debut single is released and since I want to keep your music hunders fed it doesn’t hurt to have those be posted when we know they are available for summary.

On the video side of our fence we’ve been doing more and more Blu-ray disc reviews and I don’t mind this at all since I personally prefer the quality. Sure you will begin to see some older DVD reviews be duplicated once we get our hands on a copy of the release on Blu-ray but that is fine since it amounts to more content and that also means an additional Amazon.com code. Folks like Eagle Rock Entertainment sure do keep the video library stockpiled with some amazing stuff. I will always do their reviews because I just love the releases. It’s the main reason that I add the Amazon.com code to each summary. I’d love for you to read our words and be prompted to purchase.

Book Section: I didn’t read as much as I wanted to this year and I am speaking more about traditional books as opposed to the magazines or comic books that I examine each month. Maybe some additional reviews of those kind can be done in the blog since it would fit well with the conventions I’ve begun attending. What do you think? Are you interested in those reviews on the site or maybe the collected editions of some series can be done for the Book Reviews section. I wouldn’t mind doing that since I enjoy bringing them to your attention. I’ll think about that more in 2013.

Concerts: Concerts are still the biggest agenda item on my plate and there were some months were I was seeing between 10 and 20 shows in the month. It’s a lot but really keeps the gallery section thriving if it’s a festival type show with more than ten bands on the run. There is nothing that I love more than a live show that’s for sure and I hope that my words on so many of the performances help generate your interest in the artists or even purchasing some of their music.

Gallery: This is another area that has really begun to come into its own prominence on the site but of course based on the way we are feeding you the images, takes a long time to process and deliver. Did you know that each and every photograph requires three files to be programmed into the database? I do it all for you my readers. I think there are more than ten thousand photos online at the moment in something close to 700 galleries. They are searchable the same way that our main page is searchable. Just use the proper radio button to find the artist you are interested in seeing the gallery from. Anything that is filed there will present itself on a page.
Interviews: Once more it was hard to find the time to sit down and do a proper interview despite my being interested in a few of them. Maybe I should aim at this more in 2013 since I do talk to a lot of musicians and get on with them well. If I had recorded any of our personal chats they would have made terrific interviews that’s for sure. Who out there is good at transcription? I’m serious since it’s such a pain to sit and type these up.

The PiercingMetal Calendar: Things are steady as they go with the Events Calendar. Shows seem to be hitting our NYC metropolitan area by leaps and bounds and if its Rock, Metal, Punk and Progressive I will be listing them here for you. Even better is the appearance of some new venues and places that once never really had heavy music, opening their doors to it. Sadly, I cannot list the local side of the fence or much of the tribute acts based on the time involved and if we did I would have to include everyone who does that. Sorry. It’s not a slight but more of a record label support with the listings. Some readers have told me that they live by the calendar and that brings a smile. There are still those in my own circle who always ask if anything is happening and I am sending them here as well instead of repeating myself. If you are sharing this resource with your own friends, you are not only helping the scene but keeping vital traffic to the website. Always a good thing.

Events: As far as events go we’ve mostly just expanded the attendance of conventions when it was possible to do so. There were no special media only events that we participated in to speak of.

The Blog “PiercingMetal Musings”: Last year I mused how the blog was something that came into its own larger life and this viewpoint has since increased tenfold. Thanks to the blog I was able to not only expand upon the music based content that I was doing but also managed to fit a lot of other Pop Culture things that float our boat. I am talking mostly about the comic book and superhero movie items which have been something I am doing more and more of each month. The vast number of categories have allowed me to be even more creative which is never a bad thing. I plan on using the blog as much as the core review site in 2013.

PiercingMetal Contests: It looks like we did about “53” concert ticket giveaways during 2012 and that my friends is pretty damned fantastic. The number of the contests means that we were able to put a few hundred fans into some truly awesome shows. I’m proud of this part of the site and really wish I had thought to do something like this shortly after we launched in 2005. The overall total of our concerts to this date is “74”.

The Social Networking Angle & How PiercingMetal.com Uses Them:

The best way to keep up on everything that PiercingMetal is involved in is to follow any or all of our Social Networking accounts. With this Editorial I am going to line out just how I am using them to better help out little dotcoms outreach. In one of my earlier editorials, I mentioned that I have been a pretty rabid social networker since the Friendster community (which is ancient history to any of you today). I’ll repeat myself in saying how that in today’s Internet Geography one seems to need to have an account on the following Social Networks: Facebook (check); Twitter (check); MySpace (check); Google+ (check); all the others (check). Here we go.

Facebook: When I first created my sites Facebook Page, I didn’t like sharing all of our links on the network since I felt it was not what that was for. Now we are playing catch up and sharing the links to both the blog and traditional reviews. They change how this rolls on a monthly basis so if you are already one of our followers, thank you very much and if you are not……please get with the program and help it out. Our climb here is slower than I would like to admit but if they are making it harder for people to know we are out there then it makes sense.

Twitter: I need to admit that I do not tweet as much as I do with my personal account since I always forget to do that while in the field. It’s hard to pull out the mobile and do a zap while bodies are flying over your head at a Metal show. I use it more for the lifestyle website PiercingKen.com as all of the mediums connected to it are seamless to me. Hopefully if you have a Twitter account you will follow us but please don’t get mad if I don’t answer direct tweets. I have not mastered those yet and pretty much feel if someone needs to ask me something that it can be done via the Facebook Page that we referenced up above. In 2013 I will try to use it more around the course of the shows and events.

Google+: G+ has not yet seemed to have taken off which kind of surprises me based on how different it lets you feed posts and filter your connections. I like it myself and wish it was more popular. For those who follow the website via that network I continually share the recent posts over there but don’t do much else.

Tumblr: I will admit that I always forget to share to our Official Tumblr and I think that I need to rectify that during the early months of the upcoming 2013 year. I used to have my Twitter connected to this but that became too difficult to keep in play and with the posts from PiercingMetal Musings and the Core Music side of the fence it’s a lot of keeping up on in terms of sharing the links to this service. Maybe I need to get an Intern whose sole task will be to feed our content to this and the Google+ services. Hey if it can help us and get you some credits why not. It’s a topic I am interested in discussing with the proper candidate.

YouTube: The official YouTube channel for PiercingMetal allows me to share some of the musical life that we wander into and the goal is to inspire you to check out the bands that we are featuring on the site in terms of review. There is some really amazing stuff out there and if one of our clips inspires you to hit a show then everyone wins. I don’t do any “hey it’s me talking” clips but perhaps in the future if time allows.

Instagram: This was the “new hot app” for many months on the iPhone before a Droid user could get their hands on it and once I could create an account I was all in. I actually only first created the official PiercingMetal account back in September when I was attending the Nightwish show that happened in NYC. The annoying thing was NOT being able to get the proper PIERCINGMETAL profile ID and instead getting locked into PIERCINGMETALNYC – Hopefully I will be able to generate a new group of followers that will be interested in the doings on the main website. Only time will tell so if you do not have an ID there yet, come on and get one. This could be a lot of fun or it could be a lot more work. Let’s see what happens.

MySpace: This network is no longer maintained and instead has a top post of “come find us on Facebook” since that is what everyone is doing anyway. It’s a shame since I did like this one and made a lot of cool connections with it. I don’t want to delete the account but feel that it might go away soon enough on its own.

One thing I can add as I close up the Social Networks topic is that all of them direct you to the main site and are not content pieces of their own. Sure I might suggest people come to a show we are seeing on the Facebook or via Twitter but that will be it.

The Coolness Of 2012: For me the best part of completing any new music media year is my hopeful chance at adding another digit to the PiercingMetal.com online time and in 2012 the website hit Lucky #7. some sense as websites come and go each day. The content base is at about 4K posts across both sides of the coin and growing. It’s very rare for you to find a span of days without something new being posted. I teamed up with the folks over at the Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show to do a weekly call in segment that lined out the concerts and special events in our region. It’s different for me for sure but I like it. I also filed for a Trademark this past year and this was to be more professional about the branding. That’s why readers began to see the little “r” after our logo.

Affiliations & Advertising: PiercingMetal.com continues to use the Amazon.com Affiliate program as its primary source of income based on its overall success. I view it as silent support while continuing your regular consumer activities. are using is our Amazon.com affiliation so order all your wants and desires on Amazon.com via our website and know that you are helping out the cause. Advertising space is available on the numerous section pages of the site now so interested parties should contact us via the conventional email channel to discuss their options.

Statistically Speaking: The PiercingMetal site is visited by more than 100 countries each year and that is always awesome to see in the server logs. We achieved just under four million pages viewed which is also pretty cool because that is a lot of clicking around. If you consider yourself a numbers person you can click on THIS LINK which leads to one of the leading industry statistical measures. This changes on a regular basis of course and the more you read the stuff on the dotcom and browse around, it’s all calculating and making the numbers go higher. Never a bad thing.

Reflecting Upon the Music & Entertainment Losses of 2012:
Mark Reale (founder of Riot), Ronnie Montrose, Jim Marshall, Dick Clark, Jonathan Frid (“Dark Shadows” Barnabas Collins), Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys), Rob Doherty (Into Eternity/Final Darkness), Donna Summer, Robin Gibb, AJ Confessore (CC Banana), Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Joe Kubert, Mitch Lucker (Suicide Silence), Michael Dunford (Renaissance).

Special Thanks To: The Readers in the Metal Republic. That’s you folks in case you didn’t realize my being clever for a moment. As I get deeper into this process and 2012 marked our seventh year online, I’ve learned that more and more websites are coming up and each demands your attention. Thank you ever so much for clicking around our pages. I am humbled by the response that it’s gotten. I also want to send out special thanks to those in the music media industry who allow us access to their artists and give us the permission to be successful. As I’ve noted there seem to be new sites every few weeks and NYC is a major market so that means they all want in on the same things that I am going to be looking in to. I also would like to thank the promoters of the assorted NYC clubs that have let us do giveaways to put more people into the shows. That is always fun and something that I hope to do more of in 2013.

How Readers Can Help Out: Up above I lined out all of the Social Networks that we are using to drive the attention to this thing higher. This means that you can help just by doing the same thing that you have been all along, by reading the site and placing topical comments on the blog posts that let us hear you. The way that the traditional review side of the site is coded doesn’t allow me to have comments on it which is unfortunate and since I am not using the forums anymore it’s the only way I can hear from you is via the Facebook Page.

And So 2013 Begins; What’s the plan?: In 2012 I lined out to many how a site redesign was a paramount concern and would be a key initiative of mine during the year but sadly after a breakdown in communication with the people who were mapping out a conversion it never ended up happening. At the end of the day all I was left with were a few solid ideas on what could be done but no way to easily implement them. That’s fine because one of the plans was to make the entire site into WordPress instead of another content driven medium that I was curious about. I am going to begin a more logical approach to this as soon as it’s possible to do so during the course of 2013. We have something like 4K pieces of content in the database and remember that on top of these are something like 25K photographs. Makeovers are much bigger than flipping a switch and very involved on the time side when you need to keep the regular day flowing in. Let’s see what happens and if this conversion can begin. Oh and my other 2013 plan is to make the Year End Editorial a whole lot shorter.

Thank you again for the support and let’s keep the Metal Fires burning bright in 2013.

In Metal

Ken Pierce – Editor In Chief

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