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Editorial: The Year In “Review” for 2005

As I look back on 2005 I would have to say that it was an absolutely killer year for Metal Music and actually music in general when you look at a lot of the goings on that we were treated to. As most of my Readers know, I decided to launch PiercingMetal.com to increase my involvement in what I was writing for the other fine sites I am a part of and the kick off of the site in April was my main highlight of the year. I had no idea on how it would be received but was happy to see our delivery and content a continually visited and supported site by some of the industries finest press people. The fans of metal deserve kudos of their own because they very simply kick ass and resultant of their surfing the site has been hit by 70 Countries and received over One-Million hits. Our most dominating visitor of course is the United States and they are followed very closely by Sweden, Holland, UK and Canada. It’s nice to know the worldly nature of the site especially since a lot of the shows are in NYC. Let’s recap some of the highlights as I saw them and if you agree or disagree then that’s awesome – I just love a good dialogue.

CD’s: There is no question or doubt that Metal CD’s were being released like wildfire this year with both Sweden and Finland providing the core of some of the greatest Metal to be heard. Not only was pure Metal reaching our shores from these areas but also a level of Punk influenced Rock like Backyard Babies and H.I.M. who showed that not everything from these lands are entrenched in Dark or Power Metal. Some standout releases came from Soilwork, Leaves Eyes, Mercenary, H.I.M., Demons & Wizards, Journey, Kamelot and over a dozen more. Keep watching the site for reviews of a lot more from 2005 as there was so much released we are still reviewing it.

DVD’s: The music video became a standard item in 2005 with staple acts such as Judas Priest, KISS and Motley Crue all releasing killer products from their World Tours of the same or recent year. Judas Priest and Crue featured their Reunion tours and they were joined by Testament who reunited for several weeks to bring fans a dose of original Bay Area Thrash. Other video highlights were UFO, Evergrey, Blackmore’s Night, and the Gathering. Anthrax reunited and showcased the performance on DVD as well as staple Rock Legends Cream and Queen who all issued a product almost immediately after their shows were done. The amount of these releases shows that there is a clear market for music video at least in the full concert performance version. Perhaps this will spark some of the companies to release long out of print pieces from a lot of the eighties Metal bands like Twisted Sister and more along those lines.

Concerts: Well, according to the database and what is featured on the site we attended 53 shows this year and as a result bore witness to over 125 bands when you add the headliner and openers together. It was our goal on the site to give some level of coverage to the opening acts in terms of review copy and photographs. We felt by making this available to you that you might get the heads up on something special. Too many folks attend a show and only are concerned with the headliner and that’s a bad practice since you never know what might await you at some of these appearances. My logic is to go early and if it’s bad you can always go outside to the smoking area and see who is hanging out. As a result of all of these shows the website now has over 1500 concert photographs for you to enjoy. We were lucky to have been directly linked to from Anthrax and some of the other giants on their websites. The year in concerts found us getting to see bands that had never toured in New York or The United States before. Bands like Stratovarius, Therion, Backyard Babies and Leaves Eyes took the trek across the Atlantic to play clubs that were far smaller than what they were used to back home. For many of them the rank and file of Metal attended in droves and it is my hope that many of them return once again.

Planning For 2006:
Without being too analytical I have to say that the best plan for 2006 will be to bring even more to the table for the hungry reader. As you already have seen we have some articles by Nell on the pages as well as Peter Parrella who is making sure that the Rock side of stuff is never forgotten. As a closer to 2005 we have been seeing the work of Emily Pericht who is starting out on the Hard Edge Rock and Roll like Backyard Babies, Black Halos and more. Since she loves Metal we can expect a lot of that from her as well. I look forward to her bringing a different vibe to the way we do things here.

Special Thanks Extended To The Following:
Natalia “Nell” Liaszkiewicz for her stellar photography and braving the mosh pit in order to bring you right into the mix with some of her work. Peter Parrella for his photography and for bringing a piece of the Rock to the pages of PiercingMetal.com. There is a lot more to come from them in the areas they excel at. A raising of the “horns” for the companies who supported and believed in the way we gave you the reviews and most important of all – You Readers, for that is what we do it for. See you at the shows.

In Metal

Ken Pierce – Editor In Chief

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