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I’m taking a short breather from our running series of “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013” to share some recently received statistics from WordPress’ Jetpack feature and to briefly speak about some of the last year’s blog activity outside of them while I am at it. PiercingMetal has been hosting an Official Blog on WordPress since early 2008 and I’ve been blogging since around this same time since 2007. I’ve mentioned that I was initially hesitant about the medium but now am a diehard fan. 2012 found me using the Official Blog for PiercingMetal as much as the features on the core website. It’s safe to say that in 2012 PiercingMetal became two distinct ideals, each with its own format and feel. With my being a WordPress blogger, they send out their annual report on your blogging based on the information that Jetpack compiles. The first is their view on the numbers hitting the blog. Check it out.

Crunchy Numbers:
About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 180,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 3 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe! In 2012, there were 172 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 894 posts. The busiest day of the year was October 26th with 2,606 views. The most popular post that day was Presenting “The New 52” from DC Comics.

I want to point out that the tally of blogs is actually incorrect and our total number of online posts here at the PiercingMetal Musings is “926”. I found it interesting that on our biggest day that we would find a non-Metal or even music related posting being the highlight but that is fine by me because the blog was designed to be able to explore other mediums that relate to entertainment that I enjoy (especially the comics stuff). I’ll post the top twenty read blogs in a few minutes but here are the top five mediums that sent the readers to our little home online.

The Top Five Sites Sending Readers To The Blog:
facebook.com, melodicrock.com, cactusrocks.net, twitter.com and typeonegative.net

The Facebook directs to the site are not as strong as they were before after the company’s drastic change of fan pages but I will take what I can get and this past year I was using Twitter to share everything that was getting posted on both the core and blog parts of the site so I was happy to find it working out. Melodicrock.com has long been a supporter of our reports and posts the ones that are most in tune with their readers while usually we see this happening with Bravewords. This past year the latter resource was not in our top five referrals. The final surprise was in the TON website but I guess this is based on the memorial piece I wrote when the Metal realm lost the mighty Peter Steele. Perhaps 2013 will find our Official Instagram sending readers over here. That would be awesome.

According to the report, in a global sense, the PiercingMetal Blog was visited by 167 Countries in all and most of our visitors came from the USA. I expected that considering we are a US based site, but I was happy to learn that the United Kingdom and Brazil were high marks on the places that visited the blog. There was a strong visitation from the Scandinavian side but they did not offer up actual numbers in this report. It’s cool especially since I write about so much Finnish and Swedish Metal. Now let’s get into the top twenty read blogs over the year 2012. The list had some curious results.

Black Veil Brides in Concert (4/15/2011)
DC Comics “The New 52″: Justice League
Presenting “The New 52″ from DC Comics
DC Comics “The New 52″: Young Justice
Black Veil Brides in Concert (7/25/2011)
Ronnie James Dio; The Godfather Of Heavy Metal; Has Died m/ (5/16/2010)
2Cellos in Concert (7/28/2011)
The Adventures Of Powerglove @ NY Comic Con 2010
A Piercing Discussion with Epica’s Mark Jansen & Simone Simons
Randy Rhoads: Thirty Years Gone (3/19/2012)
The Haunted in Concert (4/19/2009)
Kittie in Concert (3/23/2010)
Toxic Vision presents “Girls, Girls, Girls” (8/24/2012)
Deicide in Concert (3/3/2012)
The Time Has Come For “The Avengers” to Assemble!!!!” (5/4/2012)
Wednesday 13 in Concert (7/2008)
PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2010: Day 2 (Part Two)
PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2011: Day 2; Part 2
DC Comics “The New 52″: Green Lantern – Second Issues
DC Comics “The New 52″: Superman

My Thoughts On This: For starters I want to thank the Black Veil Brides Army for their constant attention to our coverage of the band. I really enjoy what they do and am happy that the work has paid off and I will write about the band anytime. The past year found a lot of older content being accessed and that makes sense since the tagging has proliferated and been shared a lot so will come up in more searches. Five of the comic book overviews which I love to see and several of our convention pieces. Some of our past memorial reflections got some renewed interest and the rest was a spattering of a few different creative angles. Let me run over the most used stuff before closing up and getting back to the “Resolutions” series.

PiercingMetal Contests: This was a new category to the blog for something that I had been doing for a couple of years via the Social Networks. Sadly too many Facebook changes found me moving them exclusively into the blog’s content and I must admit that I prefer this as a means of delivering some free tickets to the fans of our efforts. I think its much more engaging this way when it all comes down to it. It’s a little bit more work than a Facebook post would be but in the end looks much nicer and provides historical reference for those who give us contests. During the course of Metal 2012, PiercingMetal hosted 52 contests and gave away over 320 tickets to hot shows in the region. Let’s see if we can surpass that number in 2013.

Comic Booking It: The response to the comic book overviews has been great and found me never regretting adding this kind of content to the site. These days there are Metal and Hard Rock performers acting as the creative end and I love the medium so readers can count on more postings like this as I get my hands on the things worthy of attention. I also plan on expanding my overview of trade paperbacks but that will be in the core site.

Concert Reviews: Still the biggest of my sections in the blog and that is based on all the shows I attend during the course of the year. The great part about using the blog to lead into the line by line show report is my chance to add photos of fans, merchandise and more.

Conventional Adventures: When I hit the Comic Conventions, Toy Fair and Book Expo there end up being a lot of posts to properly convey the fun that was had. That being said, these posts come up a lot in searches as fans scour the Googlesphere for their faces or brand identity. Keep it coming folks and know that I shall continue to adventure into these halls to bring you the scoop.

When The Music Died: Of course as some of our music elite leave this plane we do the memorial pieces out of respect but they are not fun at all and yet still give our readers a place to add some thoughts of their own. In 2012 we had about fifteen such posts and that is fifteen too many if you ask me but I often feel compelled to do them especially when its a musician whose work I very much enjoy.

Closing up I’ll add that the “Heavy Metal Happenings” category got a lot of use this past year and that makes sense since it focuses on a number of different things that are going on in the Metal scene. Big tour events, major band changes etc. In 2013 I want to get more of our Artist Focus posts, Interviews and perhaps the occasional “Heavy Metal Holy Sh**” depending on the surprises that happen. That being said, I do appreciate the interest in the blog side of PiercingMetal.com, it’s a lot of fun to have outside of the traditional review format. Keep the comments coming, thanks to the DISQUS platform its been very easy to interact with readers and I like that. Now back to the regularly scheduled blogging.

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