PiercingMetal Talks To Bad Seed Risings Francheska Pastor (9/10/2015)

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I recently had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the talented Miss Francheska Pastor who’s the lead singer of a band called Bad Seed Rising. The name might be new to your ears but it’s one worth remembering as they’ve got some truly rocking tunes and you might be surprised at their very young age as a group. Miss Pastor is about 17 while the other members of the group are very close to that as well and they are the youngest act ever signed to Roadrunner Records. Their latest release is an EP entitled “A Place Called Home” and here is our chat.

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PiercingMetal: Let’s start off easy by letting me know when you first realized you had a good voice and wanted to be in a band. How did you approach this. I mean you have some strong set of pipes.

Francheska: I actually didn’t realize I even have a voice, my dad did. I always loved music and wanted to create and perform, but I always wanted to be like the rest of my classmates and play soccer. It wasn’t until my dad softly pushed me to sing and play guitar more when I realized this is what I wanted for the rest of my life.

PiercingMetal: Given your young age, how hard was it to assemble a band and start working out original material? I mean there are likely lots of bands at your age group but so very few get the chance to record a professional album and get signed to a major record company.

Francheska: It wasn’t difficult actually. We’ve all been in other bands and we all understood that we needed a solid practice schedule. We haven’t had any problems with each other because we all get along really well. We all liked each other’s styles and playing so we started a band and just stuck with it. It wasn’t difficult creating original material either. It’s rather easy. We all know what we like together and independently. We’re constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, and we’re all involved so its four brains working at once.

PiercingMetal: Let’s talk about the name of the band. How did you settle on that and what were some of the other ideas that this won out over.

Francheska: The band was originally called Bad Seed for like a day I suppose, then the boys realized that’s a movie and all, so they decided to add Rising. I wasn’t actually apart of the band when they made it up.

PiercingMetal: “A Place Called Home” sure starts off with a bang. Of the six tunes which couple are your absolute favorites to perform in the live sense.

Francheska: Thank you! My personal faves are Mess and ADHD. They’re incredibly energetic and it talks about what’s in my mind so I can get fucking crazy. Mentally and physically.

PiercingMetal: You might love or hate that I couldn’t find any immediate band that you all reminded me of right off the bat but I did feel some Halestorm and Amaranthe vibe which I liked. Who would you say are the bands immediate influences. All to this whos fans do you think would immediately take to what you are doing.

Francheska: Hahaha, oh god. We talk about this at least about twice a day, but we absolutely hate when people say that. We love Halestorm, and I respect them deeply, but we really don’t sound like them. Nor Evanesance, or Flyleaf, or Joan Jett, Butcher Babies, Paramore, or The Pretty Reckless. We don’t sound like them, and none of them sound like each other. But yanno the only similarity between the bands are the rock influences and the fact the we all have female genitalia. I say this all lightheartedly, I respect them all and support all female fronted bands. But we do like bands like Letlive., Bring Me the Horizon, Being as an Ocean, Marmozets, Issues, Defeater, Dance Gavin Dance, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Refused. We mainly just listen to them not really take influence too much. Cause I mean, you can only go as far as those you follow unless you create your own path, right?

PiercingMetal: How has our Social Media centric world helped or perhaps hindered the bands progress. Which networks do you like the most, the least?

Francheska: Social Media is incredible. It’s for sharing, and it’s so easy. You wanna let people know your album just dropped? Cool, just post it on your account. People can follow you, which is awesome, because if they don’t buy your album they can simply follow you and you’re still relevant in their life somehow. I like Twitter and Instagram the most. But Facebook has the biggest following for us.

PiercingMetal: Are you worried about people discounting the band based on your respective ages? What concerns do you have for the band in this potential scenario.

Francheska: No. I don’t know if I have much concern for it at the moment, because I’d rather spend my time progressing rather than worrying.

PiercingMetal: Clearly the old saying of “the youth is wasted on the young” doesn’t’ apply to BSR since you are delivering the goods.

Francheska: Haha yeah, it’s insane that we get to do this.

PiercingMetal: What are some of your hobbies outside of the music realm.

Francheska: I do a lot of photography, drawing, painting, and long boarding. The boys do a lot of skateboarding. We all like to adventure together and find new places.

PiercingMetal: Was it the bands idea to offer up only six tunes on the release and keep doing a handful here and there to keep the interested hungry for more.

Francheska: We wanted to do a full length, but the label vetoed that. We really just focus on writing and playing. The label decides on things like that.

PiercingMetal: What advice do you have for other musicians in your age group who are choosing to brave this same path and do you have any particular favorites that are looking to make a similar mark.

Francheska: Don’t be stupid, or let it go to your head. Keep working hard. Even if you think you don’t take things for granted, you probably still do. Don’t let that happen. I know so many people that have been in my very same position and they somehow lost their potential. I promise myself that I’ll never stop working hard at this. Oh, and do your own thing. Stop chasing sounds and start creating.

PiercingMetal: I guess I should add to this thought on how hard is it to be a young woman in this business and facing so many of the things we hear plaguing youth like chauvinism, bullying, racism.

Francheska: And sexism. I normally disregard that bull crap and try to do my own thing. It gets difficult sometimes because I feel like some people don’t take me seriously. I don’t know why, but I can definitely tell that there’s some kind of prejudice there. I can especially tell when they’re treating my boys with higher respect and then treating me like I’m not there or my opinion doesn’t matter. I also know that some people won’t even listen to our music because I’m a girl. They don’t wanna be caught singing along to a chick or girls just don’t wanna support other girls because they find it to be competition. One of my most hated lines is “you’re pretty good for a girl”. Or people try to degrade other women in the business to try to give me a compliment. Like guys, I don’t need to tear someone down to make me feel better, and you don’t need to do that for me.

PiercingMetal: Congrats on having the tune appear in the credits for the recent comedy flick “Spy”; how did that get received if you had been made aware of it.

Francheska: Thank you! I got a call from my manager and I cried a little haha. I was too ecstatic.

PiercingMetal: Having never seen you guys in action on stage, I’d love to know a little about the live performance. What are some of the stuff fans can expect and when will we see you in our region again in the future.

Francheska: Just high energy action. Crowd surfing, a bit of moshing, and if you’re close enough to me I’ll pull you up and serenade you. Or I just jump into the crowd and mosh and sing with them.

PiercingMetal: Touring is likely very new to you all, so I wondered what places you are finding the most exciting and what ones do you hope to check off on your list in the coming months.

Francheska: We’ve been touring for nearly three years now, and we’ve gone through more than half of the states which is dope as hell. One place that I’m real stoked for is Toronto. We get to hit there this year on our tour with Ghost Town.

PiercingMetal: What are a couple of things that you want the world to know about BSR that you might not be getting inquired about in these sort of discussions.

Francheska :We’re a real laid back band that loves to chill with their fans and we love to make new ones as much as possible. So if you come out to a show, we’ll be hanging around the merch booth all night. Come hang, we’ll skate, we’ll chill. Just come out and get to know us.

PiercingMetal: Thanks for the chat Francheska, keep up the good work.

The bands official website will lead you to all those social mediums that Francheska mentioned they use to their advantage and be sure to order a copy of the new EP and more via the Amazon.com code below. Judging by what I’ve heard on the album and seen on the YouTube videos, Bad Seed Rising has got some energetic chops and are worth keeping a look out for. Until next time.

Official Website: http://www.badseedrisingband.com/

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