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I admit that I didn’t know too much about Kamelot when I first walked into a gig at B.B. King Blues Club to see them back in 2005 but since that night I have made up for lost time as best as possible and the band became one of my very favorite providers of Melodic Power Metal. I found them musically wonderful and felt that there was a sincerity about the way they did their thing that spoke to their fans again and again. I was still relatively new to the music scribe game back then but I have covered the live adventures of Kamelot whenever they returned to NYC, reviewed a number of their releases and even spoken at length to some of their members on the site and you can find it all by clicking the link below. It will launch a search query of the band on the site which we hope you will enjoy. You’ll also find articles where the band contributed thoughts. If you are not all that familiar with them then I will repeat what I told a friend of mine who eventually joined me for a gig as I looked him in the eye and said “trust me on this one”. He did and has been a fan ever since.

PiercingMetal features with Kamelot “HERE

At the point of this posting some of the bands older works are tricky to come by, but I embedded links to the majority of their catalog on Amazon.com so please indulge yourself in them as well and let us know what you think. I suggest starting with “The Black Halo” or “Ghost Opera” because they are just so powerful. The comments section below is the perfect place to let me know what you think of the band Kamelot and how their music affects your day.

Official Website: www.kamelot.com

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  1. Your PiercingMetal site is pretty cool.

    Haven’t heard of “Melodic Rock” thanks for the recommendation!.

    Horns Up to ya!!!…..m/ m/

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