PiercingMetal Spotlights: Iced Earth

Even though we got into this band a little later than we would have liked to we feel that we began our own interest in them at a very crucial point in their career. The band is Traditional Power Metal and is the brainchild of guitarist Jon Schaffer. The musician is very passionate about his beliefs and ideals and this reflects in the bands music. His love of history and science fiction found him being able to deliver his fans some really unique albums and this made our own adventures in supporting the band a lot more fun. The band has had a number of lineup changes since their inception but this is all in accordance with what Jon’s overall vision is for the body of work he is doing. They have a lot of great stuff and we’ve been glad to support it. To learn what we have said about them you can just click the logo below to launch the query of all Iced Earth content on PiercingMetal.com – we hope you like it.

iced earth logo

Since the time that I first added Iced Earth to my “Artist Of The Month” feature there have been even more changes and releases to sink your teeth into. I’ve pasted links to their available catalog below their official website link so please check them out.

Official Website: www.icedearth.com

One thought on “PiercingMetal Spotlights: Iced Earth”

  1. I thought Schaffer was too political with all his comments in his Sons of Liberty opening act at the 9/23/10 Iced Earth NYC show. I understand he has a fiscal and economic policy message. I appreciate him brining that to the show because it is so important, but he was ranting after every song and I didn’t think the songs were that good. As someone who works in finance and is a big Tea Party supporter, there were some things he said I agreed with, but the global banking conspiracy theory was too much. Not everything the federal reserve does is wrong. I thought the songs were politcal enough without all the preaching.

    I was glad when he hit the stage with Iced Earth. Great sound, great song selection and I really enjoyed the set. Place was packed and the pit was huge.

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