PiercingMetal Spotlights: Chris Caffery from Savatage & TSO

Re-presenting the first ever PiercingMetal.com “Artist Of The Month” which now goes by the moniker of “PiercingMetal Artist Focus” and delivers our grand debut choice which was Mr. Chris Caffery from Savatage, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  At the time of our initial website launch, we had opted to make Chris our choice based on having met him a number of times and his having been the very first interview ever done as a new to the music world journalist.  At the time he had just began the final preparations on his own solo CD “Faces” and since that time has released many more.

Click his logo below to run the query and enjoy all of the articles written about Chris or where he makes an appearance that are currently posted on PiercingMetal.com.

Logo - Chris Caffery

Official Website: www.chriscaffery.com

Check out Chris’ solo work via one or all of these Amazon.com links. There is some really awesome stuff to be found.

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