PiercingMetal & Social Networking: WAYN (Where Are You Now)

WAYN is an acronym for “Where Are You Now” and it’s been around for a few years and follows a simple premise of networking people in similar regions.  I did one for my personal profile as opposed to a PiercingMetal.com one as I don’t really travel around the world on behalf of the site.  Of course if there are any wealthy benefactors who would like me to begin doing this on their dime I am open to discussion.  Once you create a profile in WAYN you can then upload photos and set your geographic location.  It also lets you log in areas that you have traveled over the course of your life.  This might impress you if you are someone who gets to visit a lot of different regions of the world, but if you are like me and still need to do that kind of stuff it might bother you.

One of the things I noticed about the network is that people can inquire about your particular region if they are planning a visit and you can help them out with answers about your surroundings.  I liked this since I am someone very active in the NYC music scene so I direct inquiries to the night life and attractions that they might not quickly locate or learn about.  Depending on how open you are to discussing your favorite haunts with sometimes complete strangers is how you will deal with this particular social network.  I will admit that I found a number of “phony accounts” hitting my profile up and while that is to be found on every social media network, I felt that they took away from my interest in tinkering around with this one.   Like I said, with my not really being a big world traveler this one holds limited appeal but you might be different so make the final assessment for yourself.

Should you want to check out WAYN for yourself, you can click the logo above to be taken to the site where you can create an account.  If you have some additional interest in the company just check out their Wikipedia entry HERE.

UPDATE: 6/3/2012 – So it was just recently my birthday and I received a two week free VIP membership. From there a deluge of friend requests happened and I readily added them all and was amused at how almost every single profile was the same and was directing their contacts to add their Yahoo addresses. What I am getting at is essentially that not a single profile was a real person and all were scammers or phishing profiles. I really think that unless the administrators of this site can get a serious and effective profile cleanup going on that this is a less than useless social network and one that needs to go away.

UPDATE: 5/1/2013: Today I decided to delete my WAYN Account in full. No deactivation, or putting it on hold….simply delete. Sorry guys but you never quite measured up to what I was looking to have a Social Network like this do. Those worldwide people who might be looking for me for some reason can easily keep up with my adventuring and thought processes by giving likes to either one of my Official Facebook Pages (PiercingKen & PiercingMetal). I’ll see you over there 🙂

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