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Continuing the series on the existing Social Networks and how they are being used by the PiercingMetal outlet. This is was my new Friendster when it came down to it, and I really enjoyed the network.  I added several dozen friends and interacted with some cool new ones.  The network offered a very “artistic” grouping of people and had far less commercialization than the already in place page that I kept for myself.  I had not yet dove into creating a page for on that service but would create a community for on this one.  It seemed to be easy to navigate but time began to escape me for additional toys to play with while starting to push forward on my own website domain so my account went un-managed and the community for unmaintained.  Oh well.  That was going to happen a lot more than I would imagine given the nature of how fast and furious all of these things were popping up. After having the special group aspect for the site in this medium, I had to admit that I liked being able to offer possible readers a means to find us. still exists but it is in no way as powerful or as popular as sites like Facebook, and perhaps even in some sense.  Those who loved it, continue to do so and those who have moved on, I do not think returned after cancelling their account. Like which I discussed in a different chapter, the folks at began to offer a paid membership in addition to the free one that you can access upon signup.

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UPDATE 5/6/2011: After a longtime period of this profile not being used I have deleted my account in full.

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