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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Staree

This news might surprise you but “Yes, there is now one more Social Network to learn about”.  Oh come on, did you not think that this was going to happen?   I hate to alarm you but while the world currently finds itself entrenched in Facebook and Twitter, these networks are going to keep coming at us and vying for our attention.  So now let’s welcome to the fold a new networking site called “Staree”.  I first learned about Staree from the fine folks at Blog World Expo (which is now going by the name “New Media Expo” in case you have not heard) and like all new launches you needed to “apply” or “request” an invite to sign up.  After I tooled around the screens and saw that I could list my Official PiercingMetal Twitter and also make mention of the various other networks where you could find the brand I pressed “submit request” and waited to see what would happen.

Since this is new and only at the “invite” time of its existence there is not a lot of playing around that I could actually do since I don’t have anyone connected to me, nor did I see a means to find ones existing friends by searching via an email address. I copied the screen for my profile for your examination and found a couple of interesting items on it that I was not able to find any more information about. Take a look at the image and know you can make it larger by clicking on it.

Did you see the part on the side that showcases a dollar value? That is apparently one of the aspects of this network as it said on one of the screens I found that you can “take pictures and earn money”. Believe me I am always game for making a little side scratch since does NOT pay its bills by reaching into the money tree branches. If the images they pay you for somehow become the exclusive property of Staree then this doesn’t interest me at all, since my images are mine and no one else’s. The first post I did was to show my “Official Photo” that Skeleton Pete took for me about a year ago as a test sample. I wanted to post some text and do a little introduction to say who I was and the like but it seems at this point the only options are to post a photo or a video. Visually this first struck me as very similar to Tumblr and I would have hoped that we would find the means to RSS some posted content into our own streams in Staree as we once were able to do in Tumblr but that did not appear to be the case.

I’ll keep experimenting and you readers are welcome to find my profile via this LINK but do be aware that the best place to keep up with the website is via the Facebook Fan Page and the Official Twitter because they are used quite a bit to tie all of our adventures together. Even though Facebook made some serious changes to the reach of its fan pages unless you paid, you can still be in the loop if you check back with it on a regular basis. Should I learn anything else that is cool about Staree I will append that information into the narrative for your indulgence.

UPDATE 5/3/2013: I’ve never found any positive use for the website brand via Staree and decided to cancel my account this evening. The interesting thing was that there was NO means for me to login and go to account settings and choose this option on my own. Instead I had to search around on their Facebook to hopefully find someone who had inquired about the same procedure. This exploration found me learning that a ticket needed to be drafted to their support desk who would address it in the order it was received. Wow. Talk about effective. Goodbye Staree, you appear pointless to me.

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