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I will admit that Setlist.fm is not entirely a “social network” when you use the traditional definition of the words but I will add that it does have a unique purpose that it serves and brings some serious value to the table at the end of the day.  Hence my brief inclusion of it to these Social Networking overviews we have been putting into the PiercingMetal Musings blog.  So what is it exactly and what does it do?  OK, here it is in a nutshell.

When you create a Setlist.fm account you can offer up set lists from shows that you might have seen or change an existing one that might have a mistake that you know just was not performed at the show.  Non-signer ups can peruse the content of the site but they cannot change anything.  Once you have an account you can sign in with Facebook, Twitter or your Open ID.  I generally just use my Twitter since that connects to a lot of things.  I mentioned this has added value to my adventures as a writer and this is because I sometimes compare notes across a tour when I am seeing a band.  Some groups actually do the same set night after night while others mix things up quite a bit and by checking into  Setlist.fm I have a general idea of what I am in store for.  Yes its a bit of a spoiler thing but when you are tasked with taking photos along with your notes its nice to have a head’s up.  I try to never ruin it for anyone in the crowd though.

When I return from a show I go to Setlist.fm if I know I am coming home with a photograph of the set list that was performed that night.  When you key this in, the site makes note of the covers performed and even lets you click an arrow to hear the track or see a video of it.   That much is wonderful and very useful if you had questions about a particular tune.  Since this brings together the fans of live performances and has them all offer up their input its a kind of a social network but you cannot seem to add anyone as a friend or become a follower of one particular contributor.  Your profile does let you feature links that you have and my own account showcases all of the relevant PiercingMetal.com links for good measure.  I am not too sure how many readers it has sent to my page but even if the number is only a small few, I consider that a success.

While my contributions to the site can be viewed HERE. I will admit that I have not added every single show and band that I have seen over the years since becoming a music scribe because I have enough on my plate already. I think it lists me as having seen something like 150 shows and 100 artists at the time of this writing and I will let you know right now that this is an incredibly low number to what I have really done. Since starting PiercingMetal.com I have seen over 500 shows and probably closer to 1200 artists (if you give each concert three performers). So if you enjoy shows and frequently jot down the performed set you should look into this site/service because you will be enlightening other fans with your contributions and making it even better.

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