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This latest “craze” online is not truly a “Social Network” but something that seems to be a rapidly growing replacement being used by the bands that used to rely on outlets like MySpace to get their music around. It’s name – Reverbnation.

So what is Reverbnation? I have to admit that I was not too sure what it was myself, but then my friend Penguin took me aside and shook me with amazing strength and said “PiercingMetal needs to have a Reverbnation account!!!!” How was I to bypass such a passionate commanding order when the goal was to expand my own reach? When I took time to look into it, I agreed with her as to its usefulness and felt that yes she was correct in my needing a “presence” for PiercingMetal.com on it. So I created an account; oh and by the way there are several different kinds for you to choose from. You can be a “Fan”, a “Label”, “Management”, “Venue” and most important of all “Artist”. At the end of the day PiercingMetal is an online resource and a type of a magazine focused to the genre but there were no such frameworkds for us to use. Yes we are “fans” of the music we report about, but we don’t fall into the conventional fan sense when it comes to dealing with the aforementioned artists, labels and venues. So we created an account using “Artist”.

Before you get cross with me and think my being deceitful on behalf of the brand name, be aware that I did write to their support and said “what do we do”. They scratched their Internet chin a little bit and replied that for now, “Label” seemed to be the best choice to maintain a professional account. Maybe if others who do similar stuff as I do all write to them they will create something a little more accommodating. Anyways, so we have a “half-built” profile as result, and it links off to our Blog, Site, Facebook Page and Twitter account. I would like to use it more, but until some additional changes get implemented I don’t see it happening. I do recommend it for bands for their own works provided they are legally protected first because I don’t think anyone is getting signed off of a MySpace or Facebook Page anymore. I could be wrong, but the working musicians should be a little clearer on what mediums is bearing the most fruit. I wish all of them luck.

UPDATE: 4/105 – I wrote to support to find out what the status was on having a profile that made proper sense for a medium such as my own (since I was told this was a battle plan of their). After a few weeks had gone by with no answer from their teams I feel that option is not coming anytime soon. Good job in answering inquiries Reverbnation, you’ll get no money from my brand that’s for sure.

If you feel like adding PiercingMetal to your own Reverbnation Page please feel free to do so. We don’t mind. You can find the link to us by clicking the logo above. Should you want to learn more about the company itself, please take a look at it’s Wikipedia entry HERE.

One thought on “PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Reverbnation”

  1. Reverb Nation vs myspace. That’s how I see it in many ways. The difference is that Reverb Nation allows bands to set up a store and myspace has become one big commercial with a now confusing set-up. I also get sick of all the comments posted on myspace that have nothing to do with nothing. I want to see the artist’s pics, read their bio, listen to their music. I don’t really care about all their friends. I’m there to get information.

    I recently got rid of one myspace page and replaced it with a reverb nation page. Neither get updated much. I’ve heard a few musicians say amazing things about reverb nation, but I think it’s behind the scenes stuff like offers they send out to bands versus actually getting new fans.

    Though I may putter with music, I’m, like yourself ‘industry’ and these sites really don’t cater to ‘us’.

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