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I had honestly almost completely forgotten about this one until I was going through a spreadsheet to make sure that I was using a standard ID across as many of the Social Networks that I belonged to as I possibly could. So what is Nextcat? Why have I never heard of this one you might ask, well, I think the answer is on the simple side.

Not enough people took advantage of it to make it a general success. If memory serves me correctly I had a Nextcat account long before I had a Facebook and a Linked In account but I stopped using it when I was not really connecting with anyone in the Metal Scene or Music Industry that I focused on. Oh yeah, you are still waiting on a description. For the sake of keeping it simple, Nextcat had a great premise. It was a place for actors, actresses, musicians, artists and those in the overall entertainment field to connect with each other and hopefully enrich each others lives. When I created my account, I used it sparingly and did like it. I met three singers and three models who were interested in the Metal realm so that was a plus, but it didn’t extend past that. I did like it, but how good is the party going to be when the music is boring and no one shows up right?

When I last checked it out the site was still running but was inaccessible. It said changes were coming and I have to admit that now with my Facebook Fan pages for the two sites I run and a Linked In page and Twitter accounts that all talk to each other I hardly see the need. If it does come back I will likely participate and try to lock out or at least list PiercingMetal.com as a company somehow for good measure. Let’s see what happens in this whirlwind dynamic of Social Media. I wish them luck.

Official Website: www.nextcat.com

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