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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Multiply

Continuing the series on the existing Social Networks and how they are being used by the PiercingMetal outlet. This is Multiply.

I am not too sure which I created first, my Multiply account or my account and since they were so close I figured I would toss in my observations about first. I forget who first turned me onto the particular network but I did like the overall feel of it and it was not as cludgey as I was now finding Friendster to be. It seemed to be heavily focused on getting people interacting with each other and it was very easy to showcase photos and thoughts. I only added a few handfuls of friends and much like I had started to do in Freindster, had also posted a number of review articles in the hopes of building some larger interest in my at the time new website.

The network eventually became a pay for premium use kind of thing and I left my account as a free one since surplus cash for something like this did not seem to be what I was interested in doing. My own personal account went unmaintained for a long period of time but I did post a blog notice informing whoever “found me” there that I had a blog of my own over on Click the logo above to go to and browse around and learn more about it on its Wikipedia entry below.

Official Wikipedia Entry:

UPDATE 5/4/2011: After far too long a time passing since using the now pay medium, I decided to delete my account. It was a logical decision as it had been unmaintained for well over a year. Some might like it, but it never really grew into a personal preference for me.

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