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Meetup.com is a Social Networking community whose main premise is to suggest “meetups” for people and groups with common interests and the goal seems to be to get the bodies out supporting the shows, events or establishments that are featured.  I joined a Metal related one a couple of years ago and can tell you from experience with it that it can be effective.  The members of each group can be emailed about a particular function, and let’s use a Metal concert as the example.  So the main person behind the group is The Organizer and they often control the happenings and how they are broadcast across the Group.  So the organizer puts this event up as a listing on the calendar and then shares the information with the rest of us.  The folks who are interested can chime in and say that they are going and with how many guest are joining them.

Even though I created a profile for myself on Meetup.com, I don’t get to use it as much because there are not a lot of functions on it that I am all that interested in and at other times its stuff I am already doing.  I know that sounds weird, but its a 50/50 thing with me in terms of this particular social network.  I belong to two or three of the Meetup.com Groups but as I stressed my overall participation in them is minimal. Sometimes when I am going a ticket giveaway I will message the whole group but even those kinds of things direct them over to the official PiercingMetal.com Facebook page since that who is doing the freebie. I do like its angle of generating support for events because that is always necessary. The idea of meeting people before shows led me to start a series of narratives on what I felt were great Concert Pre-Gaming spaces. Feel free to check out those continuing tales via THIS LINK.

Click the logo above to access Meetup.com and to see if this is something you want to examine a little deeper for yourself. To learn more about Meetup.com you can click their Wikipedia entry HERE.

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  1. Hi Ken , Ive been running the TRI STATE HEAVY METAL HEADBANGERS SINCE DECEMBER OF 2005 to today. A good 6 years! I have supported the Heavy Metal Scene many years prior and MEETUP has assisted in connecting with people that like the same genres as I do .

    While the turnouts can be low at times there are other “events” that have attracted people in the double digits. You have even come out for our events and I sincerely thank you!

    While there is a small fee to be an Organizer it might be feasible in the end to some people and not for others . While our member count is over 600 I have met a few people at the meetups and have made 2 long lasting friendships from it too! 🙂 So there is a positive. I also have Mike and Desmond help me out on the site when they have the time too.

    While I don’t have as much time to invest in organizing meetups these days due to me writing for THE METAL PIT I still find the time to post guaranteed gigs I go to ….

    Hence to conclude my little rant about my experience with TSHM THE MEETUP group I consider it a positive experience but as anyone would imagine I just wish the turnout was higher.

    See you at the next meetup ken 😉


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