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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Linked In

Continuing the series on the existing Social Networks and how they are being used by the PiercingMetal outlet. This is LinkedIn.

So what is LinkedIn you might be saying, well the answer is simple. LinkedIn is a business networking tool and while a lot different from the conventional Social Network, there are some similarities in how it is set up. With this particular service you can essentially build your work and freelance resume and add contacts that you have dealt with in business over the years. You can also reach out to those whom you wish to work with in some context and get recommendations from people that you have done business with. If you are inclined you may return the favor but it is paramount to keep this as professional as possible. When it first launched LinkedIn did NOT offer you the means to add friends and while this is now an option, I prefer to only add my very closest circle of friend contacts to this because this is more focused on business. If Friends wish to add me, they already know how to add my personal page on Twitter or Facebook. If this becomes a place where you add all of your friends, you limit its effectiveness as a business networking tool. That’s just my two cents.

I think everyone in the industry should create an account for themselves on this one if they hope to upgrade their professional game and do some serious cross-networking in their particular discipline. Click the logo above to be taken to LinkedIn to further examine what they offer you and if we have worked together in some capacity, please feel free to invite me to connect. To learn more about the service and the company, just click their Wikipedia entry below or you can brave your own account as well by signing up.

UPDATE 6/29/2012: It appears as though one can no longer have their Twitter feed showing up in their Linked In profile. The two companies ended their association and while I can understand why they did this, I am a little remiss about it no longer potentially bringing me Twitter followers to the PiercingMetal profile. Linked In users can still see that I do have an account in the social network so I only hope they remain curious enough to click the link to see what it is all about and then follow me. Only time will tell.

UPDATE 5/25/2017: PiercingMetal DOES have an “Official Page” for the company now in the LinkedIn world so if anyone is interested in following it they may do so by clicking on THIS LINK. At the time of this update I am not sure how I want to use the medium as a means of brand attention. Let’s see what happens with an already full plate. I should also mention that I no longer add “everyone” to this profile unless we have worked together on a project or you are a rep whose company I have been supporting for some time. Now that there is a specialized page for the website, those interested in that or who know me from doing it can easily follow that instead.

Official Website:
Official Wikipedia Entry:

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