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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: LastFM

Continuing the series on the existing Social Networks and how they are being used by the PiercingMetal outlet. This is WoozyFly.

In my humble opinion, is NOT really a Social Networking thing if I had been asked if I thought that they were. It is a music medium that lets the subscriber sample and become fans of tons and tons of music from across a wide genre scope. That much is cool at the end of the day and what the fans can do from there is add other fans as friends based on the shared music preferences. Let’s say you find three friends who love the band KISS, it would show you this connection or say that your tastes in music with this person is “Good”, “Excellent” or “Super”. I once experienced it showing me that a friends tastes and my own were “Poor” but this was because we didn’t have any similar bands as our favorites even though we both enjoyed the same genre and quite a few groups. The site selects similar music groups for you to check out based on what you have selected as a favorite or least favorite and it does this by “scrobbling”. You can also leave comments on people’s walls about their tastes in music or join groups and get a whole dialog going with many others who agree with your own views.  Another upside to this is the fact that tons of bands that don’t get proper exposure can be enjoyed via the medium.  I like that very much.

I don’t use the LastFM account as much as I would like, but I sometimes do add a show review link to something that I had recently attended and I welcome anyone that has interest in my site to add me as a contact on there. The service was 100% free when I first signed up and began to use it but I think since that time a lot has changed. New fans will have to dig around a little bit to see what is required of them when they sign up. Either way I do like it when I use it and have been able to get some information about some of the harder to lock down data on bands. That is never a bad thing. Click the logo above to get the account on LastFM and if you want to learn the very latest about the company just read their Wikipedia entry below.

Official Wikipedia Entry:

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