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What the hell is Ping you might be asking and well, I am not yet 100% sure of what it is outside of its being listed as a “music social networking” and “recommendation” medium. It’s a part of the latest installations of Itunes which of course is the software that allows you to upload music to your Ipod and Itouch devices if you have them and at this point in time, almost everyone has one kind of music player from Apple. With Itunes Ping you are able to add your friends if you can find them and see how they rate the music that they are listening to. Based on these ratings and their purchases, the get similar artists and music recommended to them. That is pretty cool to some but might be a little confusing if you have a vastly varied music selection. At present I do NOT have an Ipod or an Itouch device. I’m a Zune user but my player is only the 80gb model and I am thinking I will eventually get the largest Ipod available so I can load up more music. The Zune’s never advanced past the 120gb model while Ipods have already reached 160gb.

In Itunes Ping you can also follow artists that you enjoy and see periodic messages from them. There is no real PiercingMetal account in the service but I am on there as myself. Friends who have my email are welcome to add me, but I admit that I do not use it as much for recommendations since I always have a full pile of CD’s to dig through at any given moment. I try to “ping” that I liked something when I load the CD into Itunes for the review purposes if that helps. If you need a quick comparison to the other social networking tools out there, this does have some kinship with both Facebook and Twitter but it is not really the same thing at all and is instead focused purely on music.

To learn more about Itunes Ping, click the Wikipedia entry HERE.

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  1. I do not have an ipod or any such device and my walkman is for emergency moments when the cassettes get pulled out. I work in a record store, own my own label and then come home and write reviews and work on music. I RARELY have time for any pure pleasurable listening. I’ve got a ton of promos that I’m so far behind on its embarressing. My friends music recommendations I value – when they DIRECTLY recommend something to me such as via facebook. But, ping’ing and gets similiar likes or whatever I’m just not interested and don’t have time for. This appears as a trendy feature to me and not of much real value.

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