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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Friendster

Continuing the series on the existing Social Networks and how they are being used by the PiercingMetal outlet. This is Friendster.

Friendster: Nope, we are not on Friendster for and while a personal profile page is there I might delete it one of these days soon since I get nothing but spam add requests or proposals of marriage from foreign countries.  I had no idea that I was so popular outside of New York City 🙂  – Add to this the endless advertisements for herbal viagra and it becomes something that really pisses me off.   Another downside of this once popular Social Networking medium is the existence of plenty of those scam emails.  You know the ones that pretend to be someone but are really those travel or visa scam emails instead?  If not, look them up for good measure to protect yourself.

Friendster was actually the very first experience I had with Social Networking and it began rather cool for me.  Believe it or not, I met some interesting people and some of them are my friends in the real world to this very day.  That much is a good thing so I thank Friendster for that taking place.  The medium itself is still widely used in Asia and according to its Wikipedia entry that is where the core of its membership comes from.  When I realized that I could perhaps expand my at the time new writing interests, I began posting review links on Friendster, but realized that was a waste of valuable time to do as opposed to writing additional articles.   It didn’t seem prudent to create a page on the medium because after about a year a new social networking brand started to make a fuss and gain popularity.  It’s name was

Official Wikipedia Entry:

UPDATE 7/1/2011: Today I received an email regarding Friendsters new premise and design. Apparently they moved away from the conventional Social Networking site that they were and are hoping to succeed at being a Social Gaming platform. This was the first that I had ever heard about it and I think that they should have warned users so they could have made sure to find their existing friends profiles on other mediums before the dramatic shift. As mentioned once I had a personal profile on Friendster but it was not maintained and pretty much told everyone I was on MySpace (at the time) and now on Facebook. It’s doubtful that I will keep this profile much longer as its unnecessary for me to do so.

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