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I guess I can “blame” my friend Rys for making me aware of this particular little home on the web but I mean that in an entirely good way of course as she is only looking to keep me in the loop of things she learns about via her online adventures. Now as readers of the PiercingMetal Musings blog have been aware already, I’ve been giving some light examination to the various Social Networking sites that are available and had lined out how they were being used by either PiercingMetal.com as a resource or myself as a single individual. This was originally a lengthy blog posting and started to need to many edits for my liking and was eventually dissected into specific pieces that focused on each branding we happened upon. That being said we are now at the recently discovered “Friendburst”.

Friendburst is listed as a “place for sharing” and apparently one is limited to only fifty “50” friends on said network based on its aim at connecting you with those you already know in life or really communicate with. I signed onto the service to see what it was all about and of course listed my websites and twitter feed in my profile but I really didn’t find anyone that I knew using it. Mind you I have had the account for months already before adding this little posting to the batch of the others. Clearly Facebook has become the dominating force of nature out there and this new Friendburst resource is little more than where Friendster and MySpace were years ago. I deleted my Friendster account at the beginning of the summer when drastic changes to its format made it useless to me, and MySpace is just there in terms of my account.

While not meaning to point a finger at or scorn those who might be enjoying Friendburst despite my reservations it was definitely not for someone like me who is seeking to widen their circles exponentially or have their enterprise and work shared across numerous mediums. There is no apparent way to scan an email address to see if friends are in the network and I will say right off the bat that searching for friends one by one is a tedious process that no one will do. It’s quite possible that my account on Friendburst will not last the year but you are welcome to give it a whirl by clicking the logo above. It shall take you to the main screen of the network and you can peruse it at your leisure. There is no page for PiercingMetal.com on Friendburst either so stick with our Facebook or Twitter feed if you are looking for us at all.

UPDATE 10/6/2011: As was lined out as a potential occurrence in this blog posting, I have effectively deleted my Friendburst account. It never seemed to serve any positive purpose for me personally or for the PiercingMetal.com website. Perhaps you will find a different experience but for me not so much.

Official Website: http://friendburst.com/

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