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This particular Social Networking medium was somewhat fascinating when I learned what it was all about because its premise was very different in comparison to the others out there.  When a user creates their Foursquare profile, they can then “Check In” to where they are at that particular time whether it be a restaurant, bar or shopping establishment.   This is done via their mobile device but you can also keep tabs on the account with the website.

I mentioned how you “check in” via your mobile device, and since I have only seen this being used on a Smart phone, I will have to guess that you need one of those to do this proper. When you do check in, it shows you that other users are there with you and perhaps some are even your friends. As we find being the case with other social networking mediums, you can add friends to your own Foursquare so you can interact better and it seems to even let strangers request that they be added to your friends. I will admit that this part I am not too crazy about myself and I am very careful when doing this. Once you check in you also earn points on a leader board and are compared to your friends who are also using it and depending on what you do you can earn some kind of badge for doing so. A good frame of reference might be a trophy earned in a PS3 or Xbox Gaming environment. These add onto your account and get displayed to your friends. There is another cool side of Foursquare and that is when an establishment makes specials for those who are considered the Mayor of the place. This could be a coupon of some kind or something free for their constant patronage. I think this is pretty cool but some of the places exploring this treat to Foursquare users need to upgrade what they are giving out as some are really cheap. You know who you are 🙂

A close female friend of mine said she hates this medium as she feels it makes for a better stalker and while she might be correct in that, I have to say that ANY of the mediums that disclose your personal information help this to become the case. If you do use Foursquare and are hesitant about telling people where you are at the exact moment, then perhaps you want to log into the space as you leave them for good measure. Perhaps it is not exactly the kind of thing for you to use if you get too nervous about stuff like that, and no one will fault you for it at all. You can connect this to your Twitter and Facebook accounts which I have done with my own.

I’ve not linked my own Foursquare to this narrative because its not a site one even though I do use it during my adventures as a music journalist and his PiercingMetal brand name. I debated creating one for purely show happening purposes but really decided against it since there is only so much time in the day that one can spend on this kind of stuff. We all have those friends who are addicted to the social networks so I am sure you will agree with me. To explore Foursquare for yourself you can click the logo above and be taken to their domain page. Investigate around by creating a profile and tinkering with it, but by all means delete it should you feel uncomfortable by how it works. Should you want to learn more about the company itself, please take a look at it’s Wikipedia entry HERE.

PS: Facebook in its quest to be the one all and be all has instituted “Places” in their services and this let’s you denote where you are at a given time as you would in Foursquare and also to “Tag” friends that might be with you or those you have run into who also happen to be on your Profile Friends list.  They do not let you accrue points or badges like Foursquare does and that aspect makes me use it less than I would if it had.

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  1. My spouse does this all the time! Don’t really know the use of it though. We don’t ever go anywhere we know anyone. It’s just a gimmicky thing to me.

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