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Alright, now this next one is not as much of a Social Network as it is a means to put up a signpost that will show off how people can network with you socially. Does that make any sense? I found this one while clicking around in Foodspotting and was reading the profile page of one of my contacts. I was directed to this medium and thought it to be very interesting, depending on just how much you actually want to put out there. Since I have a few different interests and spaces online that direct you to my adventures in music reporting or photography, I felt that I should examine it a little deeper.

With this being in mind I did a test run of this resource with an account for myself and used my real name as opposed to the pen name of Piercing Ken or my PiercingMetal brand identity and listed my WordPress Blogs for PiercingMetal, my site Twitter and Instagram accounts first. You have a score of options to choose from and right off the bat for me there is stuff in those networks that I want people to find and hopefully enjoy the most. I opted to NOT add my personal Facebook Page and instead chose to add the two Official Facebook Pages that I maintain for each of my websites. Like many friends of mine, I am becoming a lot more strict on who I want accessing my personal happenings but if it is the media stuff that you enjoy then by all means hit up our official pages. You appear to be able to add a Google+ account along with a Tumblr and while I have these I essentially repeat many postings that you see on Facebook in those mediums. There are Last FM and Reverbnation accounts for the website, but each are used sparingly. Check out the graphic below to see the menu. Pardon the grayed out ones, this is from my profile and hence the ones I am using.

When I compiled my apps I was surprised to learn of two new Social Networks that I had not yet explored but they really don’t seem like ones I will tinker with anyway in all honesty. I am speaking of both Smarterer and Trippy and since I didn’t see how I would employ them as a media person you shall NOT be seeing overviews in this little set of observations any time soon. They had something related to food and drink called “Forkly” but I am a die hard Foodspotting dude now and shall stick by them. This looked exactly the same as far as interface went. Since I run the main PiercingMetal.com and PiercingKen.com websites I used the option to add the two links so perhaps if you have any number of domains under your command that you should do the same thing for good measure. They offer the ability to find ones friends but this is where I ran into an issue. I clicked “Find Your Friends” and while it worked on finding a couple of my Twitter connections, it took forever and then failed on my attempts to import the contacts on both Gmail.com and AOL.com. There is also a means to use your Yahoo.com email but I do not use that account at this point in my life. Its a redirect for me like Hotmail.com is. I didn’t get an error message – it just failed on me. So much for that. I guess anyone who searches for my name on this can find me with little incident or just CLICK THIS since they are right here already 🙂

So what made me add this to our little rundown of Social Networking sites and the like? Well, considering this resource amounts to a signpost of what you have going on in the online world, I felt that it helps you reach new people that might be of like mind or reconnect with friends who might be out there as well. Depending on what you want to share you can post it on this page and let yourself be found. You can even toss in a brief bio to cover all the bases. They seem to have the chance to get some business cards with this information on them but I already have a ton of cards with my branding already and I don’t post any of my social networks on them since it is secondary to what I am doing out there. You might feel different and that is alright with me. The link below brings you to the service so give it a whirl and if you add us to your favorites we hope that you click our links and find out more about what we are doing. Have fun.

Official Website: http://about.me/

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