PiercingMetal Playtime: The KISS Slot Machine (6/19/2013)

So the other day I was visiting family who had returned to the vicinity and were in Atlantic City, NJ and while I was enjoying some catching up in person instead of on the phone, I decided to wander one of the many casinos and see what interesting machines could be found. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered the KISS Slot Machine in the Resorts Hotel and Casino. Take a look. The casino had two of them standing together and since no one was playing yet I quickly snapped a photograph.


You are really NOT supposed to take photos in the casino, but I admit that its really hard for me to control myself when they put things like this in front of me. They had a super Batman one not too long ago and I was never in private enough a setting to try and snap that, but with KISS there were only a few people around me at that time of the day so I tried my best with the smartphone and my ever trusty Panasonic Lumix. Of course I realize that there are hundreds of eyes in the sky on the ceiling and am sure that I have a check mark on me somewhere but so be it. This was KISS and I had to share it with you in this fun little post in some fashion.


Visually speaking I really did like the look of the machine and had to laugh how it used the iconic images that we find on the original four solo albums as opposed to who sports the makeup now. As expected KISS music does play and the gamer has the option of selecting the tunes. When I sat down to give it a whirl for “experimental purposes” only, I selected “Detroit Rock City” and “Calling Dr. Love”. I am not sure how many of you readers have ever braved a casino floor, but as loud as KISS music is, it could barely be heard over the cacophony of the hundreds and hundreds of other machines on the floor around it.


I only tested it out with $10 since I am not much the gambler and am more about the visual overload one gets at this kind of place and I believe the machine was a $.05 to play each time. Even if it was only $.01 the ten bucks was gone pretty fast. You essentially opt for how many lines you wish to play so five lines will take a $.25 out of the credit and so forth. Before you get to the question I should admit that “No” I did not win. The machine treated me just like the band itself would and only took money away from me as opposed to giving it back. I should have expected that to be the case 🙂


I wish I could explain what needs to be achieved on the screen to win but I found the machine a little confusing to follow but it sure did look nice when it was doing its thing. Generally I just keep pressing repeat on the slot button and hope for some success. Sometimes I do alright and at other times I do not. Gambling is not my thing that is for sure. I would rather hang out at a show.


So I realize that this little bit of intended fun should come with some kind of warning and with that in mind let me stress that there is no such thing as a “sure thing” and its very easy to lose a lot of money and get caught up in the excitement of these machines or the gaming tables. If you are of legal age to try these devices out I say go for it, but set a limit and stick to it. Oh yeah and I mean a reasonable limit. Not something ridiculous like 5K (remember I played with a whopping $10 on the machine and that was it). Save the larger amount of money for the Metal shows. Of course if you do win the big super jackpot prize, PiercingMetal is always happy to hear from those with philanthropy in their hearts 🙂

Now back to the regular stuff…..

PS: When I walked by the machine later on that day there were two apparent grandmothers sitting and playing them. I chuckled and thought of my own Grandmother who always got a kick out of that Gene Simmons fella.

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