PiercingMetal Musings Blog Hits 1st Anniversary (4/8/2008)

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You’ll have to forgive me here for taking a moment of the time for a bit of a public service announcement but its indeed true. Our now officially in play side blog for the PiercingMetal site, my “PiercingMetal Musings”, has reached its first anniversary. The Blog’s Year One is only a few days after our main PM.com anniversary and while I did not raise the banner about it in these writings, PiercingMetal.com is now three years old as well. The planning in that was more of a coincidence than synchronicity and we are now broadcasting to you all based in WordPress as opposed to its original Blogger account. So what do you think so far? Are you liking the idea of this?

I admit that I am not 100% sold on the idea of having a blog in addition to a traditional website because its an added facet of work to pay attention to. So far I’ve managed to list some of our older Editorial pieces along with the various side tales that I have experienced in my adventures as a Music Journalist. This has been fun to do because the side tales are perfect for this kind of thing. I’ve done an intro post about leading into the concert reports that I have over on the main site and that is purely because I want the search mechanisms that are involved in blogs to be able to find this stuff all the more easier. Additional traffic to the PiercingMetal.com brand is the main reason that I moved this blog to WordPress from Blogger in the first place because this is now 100% under my domain as opposed to sending the traffic somewhere else. An online presence is a constant numbers game and being from an Information Technology background, I love keeping my statistics up.

The bottom line reason for my proclaiming aloud about the blogs First Anniversary is because I will be keeping this angle running on the site as opposed to deciding that it wasn’t what I was looking for and shutting it down. I will try as much as possible to make it as interesting a part of what I do as the stuff that you have already gotten used to over on the main site since our launch in 2005. Since this is a blog I am going to try and be a little more personal with it and talk more on things that fall into the larger entertainment reporter scope but as far as finite plans for content, well, you will just have to take the ride with everyone else since I hardly know what will come of that statement.

Comments that stick to the topic or bring positive ideas to the table are definitely encouraged but readers should know how this area will be strictly moderated. Soap-boxing and belligerence will just get deleted so don’t waste your time. Thanks for listening, let’s see what comes of this as we head towards year two and beyond.

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